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a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets

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The speaker may shed some light on how decisions are made about the need for an allowance account for deferred tax assets, the identification and measurement of uncertain positions, etc.
Hence, the valuation allowance account might contain forward-looking information on managers' estimates of a firm's future income; a higher (lower) the valuation allowance would represent the manager's expectation of lower (higher) future income for a given level of deferred tax assets.
Therefore, if there is enough positive evidence, a valuation allowance account will not be necessary.
7 million and recorded an increase to the trade receivable allowance account of $2.
uncollectible, it is written off against the allowance account.
By mechanically relying on the write-off performed for financial accounting, taxpayers may be forgoing the opportunity to deduct currently the portion of the allowance account that represents partially worthless business debts.
In addition, SBA could not explain significant declines in its loss allowance account for disaster loans.
There is also increasing unease among executive members about the pounds 25,000 from Haughey's allowance account, for party expenses such as research and staff, which ended up in a Guinness and Mahon account for his own private use.
In particular, the district court and the Eighth Circuit found that the KPERS auditors had warned KPERS as early as 1987 and 1988 that its direct placement investments were partially impaired and that it needed to establish an investment allowance account to protect it against such impairments.
121 concerning whether an allowance account should be utilized when recognizing asset impairment in the held for sale category of noncurrent assets, since the declines in value in these assets are subject to recovery, practitioners probably should consider using an allowance account to offset any loss recognized in income.
If separate disclosure is retained in the final statement, TEI recommends that the disclosure of changes in the valuation allowance should be limited to material changes in the allowance account.
0 million Bad debt allowance account against various investments within our portfolio.
As a co-signatory of the leader's allowance account he would have had to put his name to any outgoing money.
Develop a valuation allowance account to reduce tax deferred assets, if necessary, to amounts likely to be realized.
A valuation allowance account is then used to adjust investments in securities to market value on the balance sheet.
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