allow for

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Synonyms for allow for

make a possibility or provide opportunity for

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The player's new form factor allows for easier rack mounting; a new front panel LCD display and navigation keys on the front panel allow for enhanced ease of use; and USB interfaces allow connectivity for a computer mouse, USB Flash Memory or handwriting device.
Expanded Exploded Animation capability - new handle-based transformations allow for easy drag and drop user-view creation and animations
IMS) is a multimedia software and solutions company focused on developing and delivering innovative software solutions that allow for the seamless integration of interactive animated talking digital characters as part of multimedia presentations to be delivered via the web or as part of a DVD/CD-ROM.
P&S has seven patent-pending MCU interface and network protocol technologies that allow for inexpensive and efficient worldwide Internet remote monitoring, supervision, and control of intelligent devices.
Also, very deep buffers designed into the chip allow for maximum balance of traffic between CPU, memory and I/O subsystems.