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Introduced to the market eight years ago, the Allot Service Gateway is a platform for the delivery and integration of data network services -- ranging from visibility, control and security to customer engagement and monetization.
The Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition's underlying framework provides service enablement capabilities including application awareness, big data collection and mediation, multi-tenancy, anomaly detection, network integration and control plane integration.
The Allot Service Gateway is all about best-of-breed service agility and efficiency from day one, providing service providers effective monetization opportunities," said Jay Klein, CTO, Allot Communications.
Today, Allot also announces thatTolly has certified the performance of an Allot Security VNF operating at 200 Gbps using Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition.
Earlier this year, Allot also announced its participation in the HP OpenNFV Partner Program, offering Allot's Virtual Traffic Detection Function and a host of pre-integrated services that run seamlessly on the HP OpenNFV platform.