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National Allotment Week is calling for school pupils to be taken on visits to allotments but it is also asking owners of allotments to open them to the public for the week so you and your family can go along and find out first hand what it's all about.
If people sign up and they're working with us we can work better to protect the allotment sites.
The society is concerned that the recent relaxation of the planning regulations, along with the pressure on local councils to build new homes, may result in more councils opting to sell allotment land rather than allocating previously used land for that purpose.
She says: "The book is about the hard graft and laughter of working an allotment, and appreciating being outdoors.
Today members of Whickham Allotment Association, which represents plot holders at 71 spaces across Dunston and Whickham, welcomed the council's decision to delay.
ALLOTMENTS could be provided as part of new housing developments in the Vale of Glamorgan as part of a five-year strategy to help people grow their own vegetables.
The promotion of healthy living helping the community is secondary to prising money from Birmingham's allotment gardeners who have a national reputation for excellence.
I would to say to youngsters who may consider stealing something like an old trowel to consider the impact it has on people, in particular the many older people who use the allotments and take great pleasure in them, only to have this spoiled by such inconsiderate behaviour.
He maintains that people already have a right to an allotment, according to 1908 legislation, and urged prospective cultivators to stand up for their entitlements.
It also sends a message to developers everywhere they can't take over allotment land because it will be protected under planning laws.
People have the idea that allotment holders must be at least 60, and are probably going to be blokes.
Traditionally an allotment is supposed to be an area of land sufficient to feed a family of four - usually about 250 square metres, although they used to be measured in the Anglo Saxon units known as "rods", which are just over five metres long.
ALLOTMENT holders have been left devastated after a shocking arson attack.
RAWALPINDI -- Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has directed Central Board of Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CBR ECHS) management to cancel allotment letters of phase-2 declaring the allotment illegal.
ALLOTMENT owners are digging deep - after being hit with some of the country's most expensive rental charges.