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(of biological species or speciation) occurring in areas isolated geographically from one another

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Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention here that Coluber bholanathi and Coluber gracilis (Gunther, 1862), an allopatric congener, both share some scalation and coloration characters in common, except dorsal scale row count --19:19:12-15 (fide Gupta et al.
He follows with description of neural-developmental premises of evolutionary adaptation, including evolution and stress responses and behavioral adaptation to changes in environment, ontogeny, and intragenerational developmental plasticity; epigenetics of circumevolutionary phenomena and the mechanism of evolutionary change, including transgenerational developmental plasticity and the evolution of metazoans and their control system; and the origins of evolutionary novelty, evolution by loss or by reverting to ancestral characters, neural crest-determined evolutionary novelties, evolutionary convergences, species and allopatric speciation, and sympatric speciation.
Within these regions, the potential importance of Pleistocene refugia in promoting allopatric differentiation has been considered (Lehman & Fleagle 2006), but at least for eastern chimpanzees there is little correlation between posited forest refugia and present-day diversity (Goldberg 1998).
The secondary contact phase of allopatric speciation in Darwin's finches.
Such dispersai would seem to be infrequent, given that the known species occupy generally allopatric ranges and are rarely taken in multi-species assemblages, although exceptions to this general rule occur.
rubriventris is of special interest to this study because of their similar life histories and naturally allopatric distributions (both species were geographically isolated prior to the human-mediated introduction of T.
A share floral hosts but currently are allopatric with minimal overlap in their flight seasons (H.
Karyotypic studies of two allopatric populations of the genus Hoplias (Pisces, Erythrinidae).
We suggest that speciation resulted from allopatric range fragmentation, and Scarelus diversified readily when conditions were favorable; in this case, at different times in the eastern (19.
Contrasting activity patterns of sympatric and allopatric black and grizzly bears.
A detailed study of material deposited in the Queensland Museum reveals that most of these species are distributed in tropical Queensland and that the presumed species-group is subject to ongoing allopatric speciation and radiation.
Species of this clade in the Atlantic rainforest of southern Brazil and mountain ranges of northern Venezuela and Trinidad show marked phylogeographical structure with up to 8% mtDNA divergence, possibly indicating allopatric speciation.