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of or relating to the practice of allopathy


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District Health Department of ICT Administration has been holding this free camp since 2004 with the co-operation of pharmaceutical companies , renowned chemists of town, homeopath, allopath and Tib doctors who have donated medicines and their valuable services for the camp .
Homeopath, allopath and Hakeem doctors and para medics are working at the camp and providing relief to the sufferers of pollen allergy.
The first free camp was launched under the supervision of ex Chief Commissioner ICT Junaid Iqbal Chaudhry who made vigorous efforts for the providing relief to the pollen allergy patients in co operation with all stake holders including pharmaceutical companies and homeopath, allopath and Hakeems who contributed donations and medicines and devoted their time for the camp.
The major portion of private providers included allopath doctors, doctors from Indian systems of medicine (ayurveda and homoeopathy), nurses, pharmacists, traditional healers and informal service providers (quacks).
An allopath knows the exact dosage and composition of the medicine s/ he is prescribing.