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(of taxa) occurring in different geologic times

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Stadialist habits of mind, like allochronic notions of temporality, tend to obliterate or obscure the memory and variety of commoning economies.
Patchiness, density, and aggregative behavior in sympatric allochronic populations of 17-year cicadas.
Allochronic speciation in field crickets, and a new species, Acheta veletis.
Although host preference and allochronic isolation reduce genetic exchange between apple and hawthorn races, they do not completely eliminate it.
Within the last 150 y, populations of this tephritid fly have colonized introduced apples from the native host, hawthorn, and established largely allochronic "host races" that are sympatric throughout the species' range (Bush 1969).
2) Do emergence periods of the flies on the two host plants differ, creating allochronic reproductive isolation?