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capable of being distributed

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In a more collaborative environment envisioned by McGinnis, an enlightened employer has no vested interest in making the victimized employee's share of the damages larger, but should focus instead on seeking ways to lower the total amount of damages allocatable to both parties.
Over the years, D&O insurers have taken the position that only part of the settlement is properly allocatable to the reimbursement of executives, with the remainder attributable to the corporation's uninsured liability.
Thought of another way, if raw capital and labor inputs were augmented to account for their improved quality, no measured productivity change would occur, unless, of course, some residual, disembodied, technical progress were also taking place that was not allocatable to either input.
A dynamically allocatable bandwidth feature allows faster devices to use as many channels as needed to carry the required data.
By offering a policy endorsement that predetermines the exact percentage of allocatable defense costs, settlements and judgments that will be considered covered in the event of a securities suit, insurers are enabling policyholders to avoid allocation disagreements.