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an antibody that occurs naturally against foreign tissues from a person of the same species


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Platelet transfusion refractoriness associated with HPA-1a (PlA1) alloantibody without coexistent HLA antibodies successfully treated with antigen-negative platelet transfusions.
Germinal center alloantibody responses are mediated exclusively by indirect-pathway CD4 T follicular helper cells," Journal of Immunology, vol.
Alloantibody screening and identification tests were done using the 3 cell panel followed by 11 cell panel of Diamed.
Further laboratory results (direct antiglobulin test and bilirubin) were assessed and reported for five babies whose maternal alloantibody titre by IAT tube was less than 16, but equal to 16 by CAT.
Immunotoxicity testing showed that there was no treatment-induced alloantibody formation or induction of autoimmunity.
Maternal anti-K is the second most common alloantibody (anti-D is the first) and accounts for 10%45% of all patients with antibody-mediated severe hemolytic anemia (2).
hypocalcemia), red blood cell alloantibody sensitization, transmissible infection, and line sepsis.
Although the protocols for desensitizing a recipient for a positive cross-match living donor do not produce tolerance, the recipient alloantibody specific for the donor generally does not reappear, in the face of reemergence of the rest of the non-donor-specific antibody after the desensitization treatment is ended.
These false-negative antibody screening results pose a high risk for patients; (13) it has been well documented that the failure to detect weakly reactive red cell alloantibody can lead to a rapid anamnestic production of antibody and delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions.
Compare and contrast the development of an autoantibody and an alloantibody.
RBC alloantibody specificity and antigen potency in Olmsted County, Minnesota.
These patients have a high likelihood for developing an alloantibody following red cell transfusion.