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use of the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse

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Those reverberations find in this scene a general counterpart in a particularly rich echoic language enhanced by alliterative consonance, some near alliterative consonance, and normal alliteration.
The use of alliteration adds novelty and originality in poetry writing.
It may have been chosen simply because it started with "b" and made a nice alliteration with bear.
The scatlike alliteration of the French version is already more compelling to the ear, but it is the subtle transformation of "weaving" into "weavings" (tissages) that serves to alert mind and eye to a multiplicity of possible readings.
Tate's description of what he calls Poe's "angelic imagination" provides as insightful an introduction to Poe as one could wish for; it should be required reading for all those high school teachers who can define a gothic novel and point out assonance and alliteration in "Annabel Lee," but have little understanding of what lies behind Poe's demonic wit.
Even its poetic form, with a heavy emphasis on alliteration, looks backward to the Old English (which is essentially a foreign tongue) of Beowulf.
Corky Christ gets some votes for alliteration, and Iggy Christ sounds pretty good, although it sounds like a Yiddish barber to me, Bobby Christ sounds like a stock-car driver, and The Dude gets some votes for its low-slung surfer tone, and Liam has his heart set on Jackie Christ, who sounds like he plays second base for the Dodgers.
Here, assonance and alliteration along with the constant substitution of linked words based on their proximity of sound, and in turn meaning, create a rhythm that conveys the sense of urgency we frequently experience in this book for Shepherd to find just the right word to say what he means.
There are wonderfully poetic sentences dotting the bleak landscape of this novel: sentences with assonance, consonance, alliteration, and even internal rhyme--sentences that make the reader stop and pore with amazement over their construction; and all this is achieved without hindrance of the narrative.
I knew it by heartthis sonorous dirge, quick alliteration, hard voweled words, and in retrospect,
His use of alliteration strives to highlight significance, his use of juxtaposition serves to foreground dialectics of contrast, and his imagery displaces the common and dominant modes of expression, as the article shows by explication of selected texts.
Pupils were next introduced to the concept of alliteration.
While one may find the P alliteration for chapter titles annoying and not completely understand the rationale for when and when not to capitalize the word "Bible," these are minor inconveniences in this otherwise superbly researched and well-written account of a little-known aspect of early American religious history.
In fact, they have done so well in their opposition, that contrary to Clintonian alliteration about serious accomplishment, he is closer to Coolidge and Hoover than Franklin Roosevelt.
The alliteration reproduces that of the Greek: [Greek Text Omitted], [Greek Text Omitted].