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19-20, Will's other entrances to sleep do likewise use the word 'sleep', but do not alliterate on its 's' (see XI.
Tomorrow's poets create classics today with the group anthology "From the Fishouse: An Anthology of Poems That Sing, Rhyme, Resound, Syncopate, Alliterate, and Just Plain Sound Great".
With his kingdom tilting toward destruction at the hands of the Saxons, even Arthur has begun to alliterate, dreaming of a fighting force that will "ride abroad redressing human wrongs" (G, 468).
While the words "Canterbury" and "cousin" alliterate well and imply some family resemblance, they suggest a common source once removed between the Churches of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church.
The primary obligation of the composer of alliterative poetry was simply to make the first stressed syllable of each b-verse alliterate with the first stressed syllable of the preceding a-verse.
We say that kids must learn to read, but if they do not like to read and do not read unless they are forced to, then they are alliterate (those who can read but do not).
Words twist, alliterate, rhyme and change as the reader is invited to participate in what feels like a private joke.
2 million, but that didn't alliterate as well, according to Bob Kruger, the alliance's vice president of enforcement.
charts will be useful for medieval scholars as well, who will recognize the similar style of medieval commentaries, which involves a kind of lexico-syntactic associative echoing, at once ornamental and magical, that fits words together that iterate, alliterate or assonate in order to stress the mutual relationship of their nomen and essentia--phenomena seen in texts as diverse as Beowulf, Welsh alliterative poetry, the 14th century Chide moralise?
Interpreting that work invariably runs up against the double-bind of needing to alliterate, and of making sense of the plural verb.
Ugbomah's reference to Izaga, Izizi, and Iyege is a derogatory reference to the alliterate titles of many "ritual" and "epic" films, aside from which there is also the question of the obligatory special effects used in the so-called epics to make them sell.
Words that rhyme, tease and alliterate or smash up against each other in dissonance.
Regardless of genre, every poem is characterized by the alliteration of a certain sound, meaning that every line in it contains one or two words that begin with the same consonant or vowel; it is held that all vowels alliterate with each other, creating one sound.
I regret that the important discussion of the principle that the first stress in each half-line must alliterate is presented in a footnote (p.