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Here the words kn "brave" and kni "embrace" alliterate, solidifying the link between the conditional "if" clause and the result clause.
The caesura immediately follows "heardra," and the three "h" words alliterate.
The main deviation from this is one which other translators have allowed themselves--the freedom, that is, to alliterate on the fourth stressed syllable, a practice which breaks the rule but which nevertheless does bind the line together:
Many of the rhyme words also participate in the alliteration, as with space in the first line; but in the next line sweven does not alliterate.
The four conditions above presuppose the following: to enter into the abecedarium a word must begin with one of the eight relevant letters of the mantra so that the words of the abecedarium alliterate.
The alliterative system is not strictly reproduced, for rules of precedence and rank are ignored, and the rule which states that the consonantal clusters sc-, sp-, st- may alliterate only with themselves is relaxed.
Additionally, pairs that alliterate initially include "Beads"/"Bulls"; "unknown"/"untrod"; and "Gate"/"Gold.
albliterration in lieu of the ken to alliterate and obliterate
8) He frequently alliterates it with priti and prdmodya (each meaning "joy"), treating it as a near synonym to them (e.
they were third in 2007 and it alliterates in Finnish), the 39 year-old Finance Minister and Kokoomus-leader Jyrki Katainen was overjoyed that his party had topped the poll for the first time ever.
There has been a general decline in reading-related behavior and an increase in alliterates or those who are capable readers but choose not to read (Scott, 1996).
Beer has an image problem ( unfortunately, it alliterates beautifully with "belly".
16) The root term for coyotes and wolves is aapi'si, which alliterates with aapii (white- or light-colored) and a'pis (rope), two concepts that are frequently alliterated in words associated with medicine or power such as aapiinima'tsis (medicinal plants).
Terracotta tea tin alliterates remarkably, but might confuse the buying public and shipping clerks alike.
OH, FOR Heaven's sake, Chris Shaw (Letters, August 13), the use of "Soccer season starts in style" has nothing to do with David Beckham now playing in America; it's merely because it alliterates.