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Customers can choose from 14 colors for the alligator skins in both matte and shiny finishes that range from Matte Beige to Shiny Emerald Green to Shiny Electric Blue.
The creator of the plush upgrade say it features 19-karat rose gold, a coral pink alligator skin pouch, studded with diamonds, and a bee-shaped navigation button that is made from pink gemstones.
This spring, Burberry, which made a third of its pounds 450 million of sales from accessories in the first half to the end of September, will sell a handbag called Warrior in golden alligator skin for pounds 13,000.
On our most recent visit, we had to stop and admire the Shrek pinatas, the pink tinsel Christmas tree, the beaded doorway curtains, the pig statue next to the winged angels, the Santas in every shape and size, the multicolored feather boas, the red fake alligator skin purse?
You've heard of high-fashion deerskin, kidskin, alligator skin and even sharkskin, but you haven't arrived unless you're seen sporting fish leather, more particularly Nile perch skin.
Just make sure you're wearing the most expensive shoes on the planet while you're doing it - Manolo Blahnik's alligator skin boots (pounds 7,400).
the states require that CITES tags with a unique non-reusable number be attached to each legally harvested American alligator skin prior to export.
the states require that CITES tags with a unique non-reusable number 1)e attached to each legally harvested American alligator skin prior to export.
Among the oddities spotted by the Tyke, Grantie and I were an alligator skin, two old bikes, a selection of antique radios and a slightly sinister marionette of Pinocchio looming down from the shadows of the roof.
The commercial value of a large-size alligator skin is approximately $50, the daily said.
ENDANGERED SPECIES: An elephant's foot, a stuffed mongoose killing a snake, a baby elephant's tusk, a cheetah skin and an alligator skin handbag are just some outlawed items smuggled in; OUTLAWED: Tracey Fletcher, West Midlands organiser for the WWF, shows a marine turtle typical of the type smuggled illegally into the country and (left) traditional Chinese medicines containing tiger bone, rhino horn and bear bile
Louisiana State University (LSU) recently completed a two-year study of alligator skin, the long-time luxury material used for accessories -- and a potential new trend in home products design.
It was as if an opaque barrier of Theory had been thrown up between the luminous photographs (all 1997), their titles, and the viewer: three octopi spread across what looks like a fake alligator skin (a woman with loose guts in her hands); a gruesome pair of disembodied feet, submerged in a tank of formaldehyde (the terror was so strong).
New technology at the molecular level, which enables better color locking, means the faux and specialty finishes experts at Hester Painting & Decorating can create virtually all their finishes, such as glaze mottling, alligator skin and assorted Venetian plasters with "green" paint.