alligator clip

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a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws


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3 copper wires with alligator clips attached * voltmeter *
The CL 123 is supplied with a rugged carrying case, 9 V battery, external battery pack (without batteries) that holds four AA batteries, type K thermocouple, test leads, and alligator clip.
On the other end is an alligator clip -- again like that found on pant suspenders.
The Traditional Ted Blocker with the alligator clip and the proven, affordable Alessi Talon also are strong sellers in the belt-clip holster market.
Attach the alligator clip on the circuit tester to the cookie sheet.
It used to be when the FBI wanted to eavesdrop on suspected criminals they could employ a trusty alligator clip to the appropriate phone line and listen in for incriminating evidence.
This anti-drop baby teether is also equipped with a short pliable ribbon with a small alligator clip at the end.
The original use was for the military where there was a need for a very small light source that could be attached to various uniform points with a chunk of velcro, hung with an alligator clip or hooked through a belt loop.
A 10-foot cord with removable alligator clip plus a vinyl carrying case are included.
The 80-decibel alarm carries a one-year warranty and comes complete with a 9-volt battery, 4[feet] adjustable cord with alligator clip, Velcro attachment strip and easy-to-use instructions.
Inside was an alligator clip - a small clamp of the type sometimes used for holding a marijuana cigarette.
It has a short red ribbon with a small alligator clip at the end.
Attach the other alligator clip to any metal part of the engine block or the starter housing (Fig.
An anti-static wrist wrap with a grounding alligator clip is included to prevent ESD when physically handling and installing the drive.
GasAlertMax XT detector Sensors (user specified) Stainless-steel alligator clip Rechargeable battery Charging adaptor 3 ft.