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a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws


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All you do is snap the one end around the binoculars' strap, put the strap over your head as you'd normally do, then reach behind and pull down the other end and attach the alligator clip to the waist band of your pants.
An anti-static wrist wrap with a grounding alligator clip is included to prevent ESD when physically handling and installing the drive.
The transmitter is equipped with a thumb wheel switch for turning the unit on and adjusting the output level on the front of the unit for use with the large alligator clip leads.
In "Alligator Clip Capture," players race around the station's Destiny Lab retrieving alligator clips of varying point values.
Included are the instrument, a power supply, voltage test leads, Fluke Energy Analyze Plus, alligator clips, a soft case, line cords, a color coding set and documentation on a USB flash drive.
For maximum performance, it connects directly to your vehicle's battery by a 10' cable with alligator clips.
The hands-on activities, sponsored by the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), included a demonstration of fruit batteries, where galvanized nails, copper braces and alligator clips reacted with the acid in lemons and potatoes to turn on a LED light.
During the preliminary setup before the actual calibration, the maintainer removed the front faceplate from the pressure switch and connected alligator clips from the multimeter to the electrical contacts inside the switch.
Check the static discharge reel for missing alligator clips and frayed or damaged static wire.
Their basic kit contains a USB cable and a modified circuit board with alligator clips attached to it.
Atop its black plastic case, an ordinary table fork is gripped by alligator clips.
I crimped alligator clips to the ends of the wire harness.
He attached alligator clips to the ears of his sleeping wife and two of his three children and turned on the power at the family home in Melbourne.
His composition, Gongan, effectively imitates the sound of an Indonesian gamelan by having the players attach alligator clips and plastic discs to their strings for the performance.
Colonial Medical Assisted Devices offers Primus Medical's Prime Snap, designed to replace metal alligator clips and safety pins used with magnetic or pull-pin alarms.