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I don't think we've ever had a team compete like this in the dual meet," Allice said.
Student Allice said: "The idea of voting for the first time was nerve-racking.
Ozzie Sawicki and Allice Legat assisted local Dogrib trainees in Geographic Information System (GIS) instruction.
But on this trip, especially on the men's side, Allice believes everybody will be chasing the Ducks.
Corey is a hell of a competitor and a great athlete," Allice said.
Allice acknowledged that it might be too late to change anything.
Oregon has always been a good place for us,' Allice said.
USC coach Ron Allice said he decided to stop saying things couldn't get worse.
USC's Ron Allice was selected as conference men's coach of the year, while Arizona State's Greg Kraft was chosen the women's coach of the year.
With scholarship limitations and trying to keep athletes healthy, it's very difficult to put together great dual meets,'' USC coach Ron Allice said.
Allice coached the USC men to their fourth title in his 12-year tenure, the Trojans' first since 2000, which they also won at Hayward Field.
The future of track and field depends on men such as Quincy Watts and Ron Allice, coaches who are charged with selling Uthe sport to the next generation of great athletes.
Ginnie certainly is the finest female hurdler to put on a jersey at USC," said Ron Allice, the director of track and field in his 12th season with the Trojans.
It's a choice she and USC coach Ron Allice made together, but already Allice is wondering whether it was the right decision.
USC coach Ron Allice led the Trojans to their fourth conference title in nine seasons.