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Synonyms for alleviate

Synonyms for alleviate

to make less severe or more bearable

Synonyms for alleviate

provide physical relief, as from pain

make easier

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There are few mortal misfortunes that I cannot alleviate or overcome.
The central question for him remains critical for all of us: "What, if anything, can be done to alleviate the fear of death that [is] so much a part of our own time?
Louis, eyesight problems experienced by computer users are generally only temporary and will decline after taking a break from the computer monitor at the end of the work day But to prevent or alleviate eye and vision discomfort, the AOA suggests the following:
Studies show that even training in the kind of pain management that could alleviate apprehension about the dying process is sorely lacking.
Postured is the operative word here, for behind the scenes, he cut sweetheart deals with his developer pals, showering them with millions in Federal urban-aid dollars that could have been used to alleviate some of the city's glaring problems.
use the experiences of these organizations to show how TQM can help identify and alleviate many individual problems and ultimately treat the debilitating illness from which health care suffers.
Robert London, director of Reproductive Medicine at North Charles Hospital in Baltimore, was testing vitamin E's ability to alleviate discomfort caused by benign breast lumps (it didn't) when he decided to investigate the vitamin's effects on premenstrual symptoms.
Products claim to protect and defend the immune system, help maintain vitality and inner balance, and reduce or alleviate stress levels.
Specifically, the company has elucidated that tetragenococcus halophilus Th221, a kind of plant-derived lactic acid bacteria found in soy sauce, can induce the generation of interleukin 12 (IL-12), a substance that helps alleviate allergic symptoms.
The body can then more easily adjust and alleviate the abnormal stress, resulting in a greater degree of health and enabling a person to prevent potential health problems.
The elevated IRT station will have its mezzanine expanded and its vertical circulation points widened to alleviate current crowding.
In addition Aarrowcast, always ergonomically mindful, wanted a solution that would alleviate any concerns about carpal tunnel syndrome developing in its workers.
Department of Education final report on Barriers, Benefits, and Costs of Using Private Schools to Alleviate Overcrowding in Public Schools released on November 3, 1998.
This emphasis on private charity cast a long shadow over Russian attempts to alleviate poverty.