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On the other hand, fans can also just take her handlers' word for it and believe she has both a sinus infection and a severe allergic reaction, and she checked herself in a hospital for a week to make sure she recovered fully.
Cyrus, who is now preparing to return to the road for the European leg of her Bangerz tour, was hospitalized for more than a week because of a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics.
Simply stated, this means that if you are allergic to a particular substance and then come into contact with it, you experience an allergic reaction (eg, itching, sneezing).
Kissing: Nothing would be less romantic than breaking out in an allergic reaction when kissing the one you love.
According to an expert witness, the patch test at the centre of the case could only give an indication that the user might have an allergic reaction to the product and was "not infallible".
1)Bees and wasps may cause serious allergic reactions whether or not they inject toxins into your body.
Common culprits are eggs, peanuts, medications, pets and bee and wasp venom, but many other substances can also cause allergic reactions.
Queen was rushed to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed a severe allergic reaction and gave her steroids and antihistamines.
The other form of allergic reaction - urticaria - is less scabby.
The first step in preventing a severe allergic reaction is always avoidance of the specific allergen, said Dr.
Mine then monitored the mice for visible signs of an allergic reaction and also took blood and tissue samples to test the animals' levels of histamine and immunoglobulin E--substances produced by the body to induce allergic reactions.
All children in the by mouth group were able to drink on average seven times more milk without an allergic reaction or with mild symptoms compared to their baseline milk challenge before the treatment.
A WOMAN suspected by doctors of faking allergies died of an allergic reaction.
A YOU may be sensitive to the air-conditioning which is causing an allergic reaction.
Roach allergens (compounds that trigger allergic reaction symptoms) come from different parts of the cockroach.