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of or relating to alleles

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We included those studies that provided genotype and allelic data for polymorphisms of Arg16Gly and Glu27Gln of subjects with nocturnal asthma.
So, the objective was to identify the SNPs and to determine the allelic and genotypic frequency of this gene in Pakistani Sahiwal cattle using DNA sequencing approaches, which may have a significant effect as genetic markers for milk production performance traits.
Regarding allelic frequencies, the G allele was a risk factor for NP development in the TNF-[alpha]-308 promoter region (OR: 6.
Therefore, methods which exploits non-additive gene effect and take care of non- allelic interactions like restricted recurrent selection by way of intermating among desirable segregates, followed by selection or diallel selective mating or multiple crosses or biparental mating in early segregating generations could be promising for genetic improvement.
Temporal Effects on Genetic Variation Within the Captive Breeding Colony at ASDM; Allelic Variation--Number of alleles ranged from a low of 2 to a high of 7 (Table 2).
The allelic diversity (h) at a given MIRU-VNTR locus was calculated as h = [n/(n - 1)] X 1 - [SIGMA][x.
Results of wgMLST showed that the isolates were closely related (0-5 allelic differences) (Figure) and a close genetic match (median allelic differences 4) to a clinical isolate from a 2013 patient, who was reinterviewed and reported eating at the same restaurant.
The fragments were identified and then the genotypic and allelic frequencies were determined at a 5% significance level using the POPGENE 1.
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and allelic Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD) are the most common forms of MDs, together termed as dystrophinopathy.
The fact that there is some extent of allelic frequency variation in the human population (though actually very little compared to other primates) does not in any way imply evolutionary changes leading to permanent divergence, which requires fixation of alleles in defined and usually isolated populations.
The multilocus sequence typing pattern of one highly positive sample showed a new allelic combination.