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of or relating to alleles

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In reference to our results, 29% of the alleles were common between both parental species and hybrids, accounting for a mean allelic frequency among loci of 89 [+ or -] 10% in the hybrid population.
One critical factor affecting the accuracy of the RNA-SNP approach is that samples of maternal plasma should contain sufficient mRNA molecules so that MS can reliably detect the allelic ratio (11).
Analysis of PCR products by RFLP showed further differences among the allelic types.
This difference in allelic distribution might occur because of differences in selection pressures.
It should be noted that the commonly used PCR methods have limitations: they underestimate allelic polymorphisms as there may be daily individual variations (41), presumably due to sequestration of different parasites every 24 h.
The biological significance of the research program is first an understanding of allelic transcription, including the nature and extent of random monoallelic expression across in vivo tissues and cell types.
A comprehensive analysis of allelic methylation status of CpG islands on human chromosome 21q.
We also examined allelic richness, which is another measure of allelic variation that takes into account unequal sample sizes using the technique of rarefaction (Petit et al.
The fragment from nt 1 to 213 was identical to the porB3-193 allelic variant (VR1-4, VR2-Aa, VR3-7, VR4-14b), and the second part, with nt 233-972 identical to porB2-99 (VR1-Dc, VR2-Eb, VR3-2ab, VR4-Cc).
The presence of a particular abnormal AAT allelic variant, PiZ, is strongly associated with liver disease.
Included in all four grants is data analysis through digenysis[TM] a proprietary analysis tool that simultaneously analyzes allelic and copy number variation, accomplishing in days what can typically take months.
We will use a large genomic interval in mouse chromosome 2 containing the HoxD cluster as a paradigm, as it is covered by a large allelic series re-organizing the topology of this interval.
Allelic frequencies ranged from 1 to 23% among the 36 alleles and there were some alleles that were found only in Iranian cattle.
One approach for determining fetal chromosome dose is via the analysis of allelic ratio of genetic variations at the detected locus.