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Synonyms for allegory

Synonyms for allegory

a short moral story (often with animal characters)

an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances

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Im excited to spend more time focused on what Ive loved most about building Allegory helping law firms and in-house counsel embrace innovation and deploy new technology to their advantage, Asay said.
Integreon said the addition of Allegory allows it to extend its lead in the discovery space and provide an end-to-end solution for legal departments and outside counsel for managing the entire case and all of discovery, not just the document discovery piece.
It was through Paul de Mann that allegory began to receive attention as one of the important rhetoric methodologies of Postmodernism.
An ode to the process of finding oneself in the fray of love and loss that is early adulthood, The Drunken Spelunker's Guide to Plato plays out the Allegory of the Cave through the medium of booze joints and barstool intellectuals.
No doubt the origin of its meaning, literally "to say something other," (2) has often sparked a suspicion that interpretive uses of allegory do a disservice to the meaning of the text under analysis.
Services that Huron Legal can provide in conjunction with Allegory include case set up, seamless integration of produced documents, digesting and managing evidence, deposition preparation, digesting deposition exhibits and testimony, trial preparation, and litigation records management.
Classical allegories are also good examples to discuss; students could research this type and include ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato as examples of writers who used allegory to convey hidden, or symbolic, moral lessons through their writing.
In An Allegory of Divine Love: The Netherlandish Blockbook "Canticum Canticorum", Marilyn Aronberg Lavin discusses each of the thirty-two framed scenes individually, as visual images within the larger framework of the history of art, as poetic dialogues composed of hallowed lines newly ordered to create a new poem, and as theological allusions in the form of human interaction.
For the project, Allegory selected materials that could adapt to the day-to-night shift.
The first chapter works from Benjamin's theory of allegory to Melaney's allegorical and material language; the second chapter compares the work of Adorno and Derrida to bring the aesthetic and linguistic discourses together in the material difference of allegorical modernism.
David Melbye Landscape Allegory in Cinema: From Wilderness to Wasteland New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
In this classic study, first published about 40 years ago, Fletcher (emeritus, English and comparative literature, Graduate School of the City University of New York) describes his original theory of allegory as a symbolic mode and uses the theory to demonstrate allegory's relationship to other aesthetic devices, with examples of how allegory works in art, literature, and in areas of everyday life, from religion to politics.
This week's winner is Jacob Arnon, who wrote, perhaps taking issue with my explicitly Kafkaesque gloss on the battle over Franz Kafka's papers, "This is too easy to use a Kafka allegory to describe the fate of his own writing.
Instead, becoming human in Jarrell's poetry requires entertaining alternative sites of subjectivity--including the suspension of allegory in service to a specific moral--and may be revealed by the light of other, vestigial traces (usually non-sentient, plant and animal forms) through which anterior versions of being have passed.
Summary: An allegory, by definition, discloses meaning -- albeit not directly.