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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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In Hamlet Shakespeare appears to be portraying the tragedy of irresolution') he has begun to allegorize.
This is because "it is a point of reversal where the text as a whole allegorizes what is said in the text about the call of conscience" (p.
Traversing centuries, from the 17th up until today, Talty, who is white, allegorizes the relationship of black and white through historical accounts of slavery, abolition, social intermingling, the black elite, and the Harlem Renaissance.
Thus, in Cantata 121, the descent-ascent harmonic "shape" allegorizes both the historical "incarnation of Jesus" (at the turning of the winter solstice) as well as the "subsequent elevation of humanity through faith in the incarnation" (148-89).
In many ways, the novel allegorizes the dispossession of blacks in white America.
As a "visionary" vehicle, Tate contends, the black woman's domestic novel allegorizes an ideal family paradigm of companionate, relatively gender-equitable marriage and duty to community as the ideal paradigm for an equitable and inclusive U.
A jongleur who plies his skill to rid Hamelin of rats, and who then, when refused payment, wields his instrument to lure away the town's children, the Pied Piper allegorizes the conscription of music into civic policing and market exchange.
If the narrative are of the "Radcliffe-Romance" always concludes with a happy, sanctified marriage, then the Maturin-Romance always allegorizes the terrors of its unhappy, unholy equivalent.
The book theatricizes and allegorizes certain moments lived at the intersection of life and death, dream and reality, the rational and the strangely irreducible.
The synchronic time dimension, which is all times simultaneously, allegorizes the process of phenomenological, intertextual mediation among texts and traditions that liberates the black written tradition.
Grounded arguments such as Blakemore's, that the film allegorizes the genocide of American Indians as white settlers made their way across the continent--the journalist bolsters his case by pointing to the original movie poster's tagline, "The wave of terror that swept America"--find themselves woven into Weidner's claim that the film constitutes a veiled admission by Kubrick that he had faked "NASA'S" footage of the first lunar landing.
He argues that in Oedipus at Colonus the relation of the festival-goers to the religious aspects of the play allegorizes their relation to religion in their own lives; the sacred in theater is at once alike and unlike the sacred outside the theater.
He habitually allegorizes the landscape, "reading `the forms of things with [a worthy] eye,'" because he believes in the possibility of significance (58).
Rafael Argullol's debut in the rich vein of plague literature (Defoe, Camus, Garcia Marquez, et alia) allegorizes his views expressed in other recent books, especially the interview with Eugenio Trias, El cansancio de Occidente, which denounces the "fortress mentality" taking over Europe after the fall of communism: political immobility, public conformity and complacency, civil indifference.