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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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The nobleman begins to look more and more like a tyrant (even compared with the Talents), thereby making it difficult to allegorize the nobleman into the cruciform of the servant-king (22:27), Jesus.
The last chapter is more balanced, showing how The Old Curiosity Shop allegorizes the problematic interplay between various kinds of value, capital and antiquity, literary and economic, that the nineteenth century symbolic imagination (after Coleridge) tried to rationalize away.
His work tends to allegorize a multifarious historical condition rather than a singular politics.
The conventional response to this feature has been either to allegorize the institutions and activities of the cult, following the example of the New Testament Epistle to the Hebrews, or to regard the "ceremonial" (or "ritual") law as separate and distinct from the "moral" law of the Ten Commandments.
Struggles for narrative control are part of such foundational violence in that they allegorize and aestheticize it.
Both works allegorize Argentine postmodernity as a failed project of modernity by portraying urban decay in Buenos Aires (in 2010 in the first and 2043 in the second).
He does not allegorize in his historical works; rather, he finds analogues to his contemporary time and his own experiences in history.
Here, the novel's characters and events allegorize the phenomenological, intertextual process that universalizes the black text and liberates the black tradition.
Hurston transforms the story from quest into gothic horror to allegorize the divided consciousness of African American folk culture, and its precarious independence.
Operating within parameters he sets for himself (and through which, by extension, he seems to allegorize the notion of possibility as manifested therein), Prekop works with limited implements and strategies.
But whether or not we allegorize Lucrezia so as to make her conform to Machiavelli's political writings, it is clear on these readings that Machiavelli would persuade us to Ovid's vie w of Augustan theater: one in which women can shape the spectacle to conform to their own desires once they learn its rules.
There are, however, several works that can serve to allegorize the exhibition's utterly nonlinear profusion.
There Dante attempts "a mystical union of [poetic] words with the [Divine] Word" (105) while anchoring his discourse in a representation of historical change, and he appropriates the ancient, and specifically Ovidian, idea of metamorphosis not only "to transform it into a figure for allegory but also to announce his opposition to the common medieval tendency" to allegorize Ovid (117).
122 Jameson explains this political operation further: "this urge to allegorize comes less as a technique for dosing the text off and for repressing alleatory or aberrant reading-sand senses, than as a mechanism for preparing such a text for further ideological investment" (29-30).
Erickson responds that, while Gloriana's Faeryland may in its otherworldly way allegorize "individual conflict (erotic and ethical)" (43), much of the action in the poem occurs outside her realm.