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Synonyms for allegorical

Synonyms for allegorical

used in or characteristic of or containing allegory


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The fisherman initially wants to use the Mermaid to increase his profit but comes to love her and reject his spear and his nets, allegorically rejecting the business motive in favor of love and sexuality, a threat to the money-making establishment.
The expression hatan damim [bridegroom of blood] refers to the blood of circumcision which erases any preceding affiliation and allegorically seals the appointment of Moses to the leadership of his people.
Furthermore, this necessity to read more allegorically is not an isolated occurrence in the book, nor is it confined to Aslan as a character--it is endemic to the plot itself.
Hoffmann's aesthetics of opera were allegorically presented in his 1813 essay Der Dichter und der Komponist ("The Poet and the Composer"), later included in his Serapionsbruder.
contends that their attacks against the Gospel stories as ridiculous myths needing to be "rightly" interpreted allegorically would have awakened Diodore and Theodore to how truly inimical allegory was to the Gospels' historicity.
The shortening of Kkutaeh's name to "K" by Franklin resonates with her portrayal as an allegorically colonial character.
Some sections of the book acknowledge that the travel plays comment, literally and directly, on foreign contexts and issues (for instance, she shows how plays featuring pirates represent the reality of international piracy), but she chooses to stress the ways that the exotic plays function, allegorically and indirectly, to explore domestic issues.
Olivi was unique in seeing the "champions of evangelical poverty and its detractors in terms of an apocalyptic program that was given allegorically in the gospels," a conclusion which Madigan has carefully explained in the preceding chapters.
Cyril was a prolific Bible exegete, approaching the Old Testament allegorically (though more selectively than Origen), the New historically.
He suggests that it can only be represented allegorically.
The opposite number of that victim--seemingly a prisoner of war--was found in The Evil New War God (SOB) of 1958, in which the architects of war were allegorically depicted in the guise of a "mechanical monster" (89).
For nearly two millennia Christians (and Jews, for that matter) understood the Song of Songs allegorically, but when a literal type of exegesis prevailed in the late nineteenth century, understanding the book as a series of erotic love poems, the spiritual understanding of the book was almost totally discarded.
Although it may be allegorically interpreted as salvific, in actuality, it kills him.
which metaphysically and allegorically reaches beyond, the contours of the main spectacle" (42), Engel devotes less attention to that spectacle than he does to that which "reaches beyond.
For him the play 'functions allegorically, by drawing forth its own parables of nationalist exclusivism and intolerance, and by mocking the political, cultural and religious creeds of the state.