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  • verb

Synonyms for allay

Synonyms for allay

to make less severe or more bearable

to make or become calm

Synonyms for allay

lessen the intensity of or calm

satisfy (thirst)

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TRUSTe awarded Vcommerce with its Privacy Seal for voluntarily adopting a privacy policy that allays consumer fear over sharing personal information online through disclosure of its information use and practices.
Mother Raccoon allays Chester's fears with her own special kind of wisdom and finds just the right way to let Chester know how deeply he is loved.
The most heartening aspect of Raising the Barre: The Geographic, Financial and Economic Trends of Nonprofit Dance Companies is that it confirms suspicions, allays fears and furnishes a modicum of hope--all within the space of fifty-two pages.
It may sound bland, but Walls maintains that this phrasing allays "our concern that science could be ignored.
Majestic copper beeches and allays of maples still stand, recalling the beauty of Pembroke's famous gardens.
What work each Shakespeare play does is wildly various: for Delaney and Cohen it reflects and allays economic anxieties; for Montrose it provides psychological "compensation"; for Bristol (Othello) it defamiliarizes social structure through the carnivalesque; for Sinfield (Macbeth) and Weimann it reflects legitimation crisis; for Greenblatt it manages affect; for Drakakis (Julius Caesar) it unmasks politics and challenges official ideology; for Andreas (Othello rewritings) it resists dominant ideologies such as racism; for Maus it reveals social life generally in the need to assume private subjectivity; for Boose it insulates and prettifies the "real" history of silenced women.
The auction works for buyers, too, because it allays the bugaboo question: 'Am I paying too much?
The crucial issue is whether a drug has a therapeutic window, a dose range that allays a patient's illness without causing greater problems.
Today's businesses face many threats to their continuity, from natural disasters and fires, to power failure, vandalism and terrorism, CIMCO's Data Center allays its customers' fears by providing an off-site alternative location for their networks, built to the industry's highest specifications.
He noted that by assuring a co-op corporation it can exercise some control over the appearance of cable installation work in its building, the decision allays fears co-op owners have had about cable TV vendors whose installation work they regard as aesthetically inferior.