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  • verb

Synonyms for allay

Synonyms for allay

to make less severe or more bearable

to make or become calm

Synonyms for allay

lessen the intensity of or calm

satisfy (thirst)

References in classic literature ?
He entered his club to play from five to seven, before going home to dinner, forgetting for those two hours whatever was distasteful in his life, as though the game were a beneficent drug for allaying the pangs of moral discontent.
Twitter said it had 271 million monthly users up 24 percent from a year ago - allaying investor fears that the service is not growing fast enough.
S President Barack Obama, who is paying an official visit to Poland unveiled a $1 billion US security plan for eastern Europe aimed at allaying fears over a resurgent Kremlin and the escalating pro-Russian uprising in ex-Soviet Ukraine.
Minister of state in the PMO V Narayanaswamy had also said the Centre would seek Kalam's "guidance" on allaying the fears of the people who are demanding closure of the Indo-Russian power project the first phase of which is expected to be commissioned in December.
ALLAYING FEARS - the 207's pop-up protection system
Marne concluding that the state had legitimate "interests in concentrating limited state funds on its goal of providing secular education, avoiding entanglement, and allaying concerns about accountability that undoubtedly would accompany stale oversight of parochial schools' curricula and policies.
Meanwhile Jonny Wilkinson was last night cleared of serious injury, withNewcastle director of rugby Rob Andrew allaying fears he could miss England's Six Nations campaign.