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  • verb

Synonyms for allay

Synonyms for allay

to make less severe or more bearable

to make or become calm

Synonyms for allay

lessen the intensity of or calm

satisfy (thirst)

References in classic literature ?
Pride flattered him so agreeably, that his mind perhaps enjoyed perfect happiness; but this was only momentary: Sophia soon returned to his imagination, and allayed the joy of his triumph with no less bitter pangs than a good-natured general must feel, when he surveys the bleeding heaps, at the price of whose blood he hath purchased his laurels; for thousands of tender ideas lay murdered before our conqueror.
O my brethren, I heard a laughter which was no human laughter,--and now gnaweth a thirst at me, a longing that is never allayed.
Even if he had been certain that all the progressives were fools like him, it would not have allayed his uneasiness.
But after Kone underwent a scan t Finch Farm, the club have allayed fears the 31-year-old will be out for an extended " But after Kone underwent a scan t Finch Farm, the club have allayed fears the 31-year-old will be out for an extended period.
Rizq allayed fears to the effect that overnight would bring forth no major surprises and that the nightmare would be soon over.
Summary: A ruling over an Indian mosque has allayed fears of widespread ethnic violence in the country.
However, the council's cabinet member for culture, leisure and tourism, Councillor Sheelagh Clarke, said the plans have allayed her fears.
McKinney's book is enlightening because she applies an impressive background in conflict management--she has worked with the Harvard Negotiation Project and served as a monitor for the first democratic election in El Salvador--to common issues that divide African American churches, such as female leadership, homosexuality and the move toward nondenominational "megachurches" Recognizing that conflict is a necessary and potentially productive component of a relationship, McKinney offers strategies that allow voices to be heard, fears to be allayed, and people to demonstrate their faith in God.
Initial fears that the 25-year- old back had broken his leg were allayed by an X-ray which revealed no break, but an MRI scan at the Royal Bath United Hospi-tal yesterday morning uncovered extensive tissue damage.
Morton said: "I would very much like to meet business organisations and any individual companies who may have concerns so that fears can be allayed.
holding company; however, concerns regarding its weak tangible capital base are somewhat allayed by the implied support of BNP.
Muqren duly allayed Lebanese fears by categorically denying rife rumors of an imminent Saudi government intention to expel them all within short notice.
He said the redesign has allayed the group's concerns that traffic to and from so many apartments and a larger shopping center would create a traffic problem in their neighborhood, one of Santa Clarita's newest.
holding company; however, some of these concerns regarding its tangible capital base are allayed by the implied support of BNP.