alla breve

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a musical time signature indicating two or four half notes to a measure

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In the third movement, Finale: Alla Breve, Matsuev and the orchestra played off each other brilliantly, especially the rich conversations between piano and woodwinds, until Matsuev took it over and drove the piece to its dramatic conclusion.
Thus the conductor looking for guidance on the tempo relationships within the first movement will merely observe that an Andante in alla breve time (cents) leads into an Allegro ma non troppo, likewise alla breve.
30am Matins, Stanford in C, Listen sweet dove - Ives, Voluntary: Alla Breve - J S Bach.
Although teachers have traditionally turned to fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier or the Sinfonias to meet this demand, the three alla breve variations are probably better.
There are occasional small problems of intonation (during the alla breve section of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach's G-major duet, for example) and one wishes that Arthur Fiacco's cello were better recorded on Carl Philipp Emanuel's trio sonata, but overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable sampling of the chamber music of history's most famous musical family.