alla breve

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a musical time signature indicating two or four half notes to a measure

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30am Matins, Stanford in C, Listen sweet dove - Ives, Voluntary: Alla Breve - J S Bach.
A firmer conclusion is that for Brahms, alla breve metres do not necessarily indicate fast speeds.
Although teachers have traditionally turned to fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier or the Sinfonias to meet this demand, the three alla breve variations are probably better.
There are occasional small problems of intonation (during the alla breve section of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach's G-major duet, for example) and one wishes that Arthur Fiacco's cello were better recorded on Carl Philipp Emanuel's trio sonata, but overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable sampling of the chamber music of history's most famous musical family.
Alla breve introduzione segue un capitolo, "La narrativa palumbiana," nel quale vengono esplicitati e spiegati, con l'ausilio del primo racconto dell'autore, i suoi modelli narrativi, stilistici e formali, formule e strategie nate dalla meditazione sull'esperienza del vivere quotidiano ed elaborati formalmente anche attraverso la corrispondenza ed il confronto ideologico con Elio Vittorini.
Fixed note values for each band seems to be implied by the evidence of Vetulus in the middle of the 14th century, the terms integer valor in the 15th century, the terms alla breve and alla semibreve in the 16th century, and the evidence of the 17th century.
Una possibile conferma del fatto che la narrazione della vicenda E intenzionalmente non rettilinea, e che risponde ad una precisa esigenza stilistica, si puo avere se si considera il ruolo assegnato alla breve pausa di Panarea.
He later referred to the tactus of C in his own time as `very slow', and the example given for the early time (the first few bars of a piece by Lassus notated in alla breve above and alla semibreve below, with the bar lines continuous between the two) implies the same tactus for C and ?