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Synonyms for all-powerful

Synonyms for all-powerful

having unlimited power

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For them the choice is stark: Support the president in condemning the visit, even though he is lame-duck or condemn the visit organised by Republicans as a partisan stunt, and risk the political fallout of those Jewish voters and the all-powerful Jewish lobby.
Pastor, author, and founder of One Voice Ministries, Hank Kunneman presents the all-powerful, all knowing, and omnipresent God we worship, as a loving, affirming father, eager to connect heart to heart with His children, as a father to turn to in time of trouble, as a provider, and protector who expresses his love, affirmation, and affection to his sons and daughters.
CDATA[ The power struggle between Islamic fundamentalists and the all-powerful Egyptian military to gain control of Egypt ignores the will of the people who shed their blood for freedom and human rights during the Lotus uprising earlier this year.
This holy place is where we can be mentally peaceful, quieten our human egos and let ourselves be lifted up by our all-powerful and ever-loving Father-Mother God.
The other was never on the cards for them though, as an all-powerful Mayor would have curtailed their steady-state regime and where all of them would have been worse off financially and politically.
He who gains a victory over other men is strong; but he who gains a victory over himself is all-powerful.
What protection would be given to ordinary citizens, when faced with a decision by these all-powerful tax inspectors?
The story of the super hero film revolves around a group of characters who can control the physical world with an all-powerful ring, reports the Daily Express.
FIFA's ethics chiefs are to investigate claims of "vote-buying" in a bitter contest for one of the 23 seats on the world governing body's all-powerful executive committee.
Because it typifies our cowardly subservience to the all-powerful pro-Israel lobby in America.
Brentford traditionally do well on their trips to Chesterfield, too, having won four of the last six renewals, so there is an all-powerful vibe to lay the hosts at 2.
Cubans were focusing yesterday on what acting president Raul Castro's government would bring once his brother Fidel formally stepped down as the country's all-powerful leader.
Beating the then all-powerful Leeds United as a second division side was a magnificent achievement and one which is still talked about today.
The writer liked my column, but faulted me for not pointing out that the Waltons are Jews, and that we will never achieve economic equity in this country until we exterminate that devious, all-powerful subgroup.
Quoting from the back cover: "This is the second in a series of five books that set out to tell the action-packed story of Julius Caesar's protracted battles in Gaul--modern France and Belgium--and his struggle to force the Roman Republic to abandon its obsession with ancient and superstitious traditions, a system of government that favoured only its racist, corrupt and all-powerful nobility.