sleep deprivation

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a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of sleep

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This year, weddings are even bigger and more blown out with everything from an all-out, all-nighter wedding party to slo-mo photo booths and temporary tattoo favors.
They are filming a short promotional trailer for their Halloween Horror Movie All-Nighter, A Fright to Remember, and need a team of undead extras to play blood-thirsty zombies.
The boys pulled an all-nighter before their Ibiza 123 set and were still on great form.
The all-nighter includes the Shock & Gore Awards and a choice of The Evil Dead (18, 10.
Here's the scenario of pulling that all-nighter sketched in a comedy format to outline those familiar highs lows and crashes
I really wanted to do a whole weekend, but they've given me an all-nighter, which is the first one Radio 2's ever done.
Washington, May 18 (ANI): Everyone, from high-school students to surgeons, has known that pulling an all-nighter results in cognitive impairments.
So far the location has remained secret, but the all-nighter is reputedly going to be held in woods in the Huddersfield area and over 1,000 people could attend.
Cue a soundtrack to match, comprising 50 all-nighter anthems including Al Wilson's The Snake, Gloria Jones' Tainted Love and Yvonne Baker's You Didn't Say A Word.
Its when they then stay up and try to pull an all-nighter that they are much more vulnerable to sudden sleepiness, inattentiveness and potentially accidents and errors.
But when the already chronically sleep-deprived pull an all-nighter, "the deterioration is increased tenfold," Cohen said.
Fat chance: The quick drink became an all-nighter, as the pal told me that his tenure at the university, hard-won, had become an ongoing source of frustration and dissatisfaction, and he was reevaluating the meaning of his existence.