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Synonyms for aboard

on a ship, train, plane or other vehicle


on first or second or third base


side by side


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The All Aboard Yacht Charters classic yacht "Discovery" has received a facelift.
All Aboard Yacht Charters has been operating since 1981.
John, owner of All Aboard Yacht Charters, says, "I truly believe we offer the foremost Adventure Travel Vacations and Nature Tours available in the world today.
Funded by the Dole Foundation in Washington, DC, the All Aboard job fairs were conducted from April to October in 1991.
With a budget of $400 per site, All Aboard sponsors conducted the job fairs by following a step-by-step procedure presented in an instructional packet.
All Aboard Job Fairs were conducted throughout the two-state region to bring together people with disabilities and senior citizens who were looking for work with employers who were seeking good employees.
The All Aboard Job Fair originated with a pilot study conducted by the University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Department as part of the Senior Power Job Fair hosted by Days Inn of America.
All Aboard Toys stocks a wide range of items in all its product lines, from toys and books to clothing and bedding to party supplies, and provides same-day shipping on orders received Monday through Friday before 5:00 PM EST.
Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we work hard to ensure All Aboard Toys customers a superior shopping experience," said Toney.
All Aboard Toys, an authorized online retailer of licensed products, offers an extensive line of educational and family-friendly products at competitive prices, featuring a wide range of popular characters including Thomas the Tank Engine(TM), Bob the Builder(TM), Jay Jay the Jet Plane(TM), Dora the Explorer(TM), Madeline(TM), Sesame Street(TM) and many more.
We've experienced tremendous growth," said Josh Toney, managing director of All Aboard Toys.
All Aboard Toys started as a small online retailer of wooden trains and toys in 1999.
All Aboard Toys' comprehensive inventory is believed to be the broadest available from a single source, with products in each category ranging from puzzles and books to toys, clothing, bedding and decorative items.
We have worked hard to build a successful business during the downturn of recent years," said Josh Toney, operations manager of All Aboard Toys.
All Aboard Toys, a licensed online retailer, offers top-rated educational and family-friendly products at competitive prices, featuring popular characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine(TM), Dora the Explorer(TM), Bob the Builder(TM), Winnie the Pooh, Elmo(TM), Madeline(TM), Jay Jay the Jet Plane(TM), Clifford the Big Red Dog(R) and Veggie Tales(TM).