alkyl halide

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organic compound in which halogen atoms have been substituted for hydrogen atoms in an alkane

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However, there are other synthetic routes, mainly based on alkylation of N'-mono- or di-substituted hydrazine derivatives with alkyl halides [4, 6-8] (Scheme 1, B), or introducing a protecting group into commercially available alkyl hydrazines [4, 7-10] (Scheme 1, C).
The Sr-mediated reaction produces high yields of both akylated and dialkylated adducts using alkyl halides with easy handling.
5 of this source for the class of alkyl halides, mercaptans, sulphides and disulphides.
Currently, most of the metal-mediated reactions involve allylation or propargylation, and more recently, secondary alkyl halides.
Ferrocene is known to readily form charge transfer complexes (CTCs) with alkyl halides, as evidenced by the appearance of a feature indicative of a charge transfer complex at ~310 nm; subsequently, upon irradiation, the complex dissociates into the ferrocenium ion, chloride ion, and alkyl radical (Fig.