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a durable synthetic resin widely used in adhesives and paints


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Alkyd paint was the largest application segment for pentaerythritol and accounted for over 37% of the total market in 2011.
1) Solid Specific Viscosity content Coating Resin type Base gravity (cp) (%wt) 1 Alkyd Water 1.
Keywords Alkyd, Reactive diluent, Tetra(2,7-octadienyl) titanale, Air drying
Yuen Liang can provide its customers with not only an alkyd resin replacement, but also other expensive materials like linseed oil.
In addition to alkyd and acrylic resins, the company produces phenolic, melamine, polyurethane, and polyester resins; resinate; pitch-derived resins; and modified oils.
To prepare the substrates, they applied two coats of lead-based alkyd paint to some of the test panels, which had been cleaned using solvent according to specification SSPC-SP1.
Solution: Krylon[R] Industrial Rust Tough[R] Acrylic Alkyd Primer and Rust Tough[R] Acrylic Alkyd Enamel meet the United States Department of Agriculture's standards for acceptable usage in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.
Go with water-based, latex paint, which has 50 percent less VOCs than paint that's alkyd or oil-based.
An alkyd or oil-based paint, however, might be more effective in hiding surface imperfections like scratches or indentations.
Alkyd formulations are comparatively low in cost and have excellent color retention, durability, and flexibility.
The report contains an in-depth analysis of the European Union market for alkyd resins, covering EU total and local markets.
The report " Paints & Coatings Market by Resin Type (Acrylic, Alkyd, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyester, Others), by Technology (Waterborne, Solvent borne, High Solids, Powder & Others), by Application (Architectural, Industrial) - Global Forecast to 2019 " , The global market value of the Paints & Coatings Market is projected to be around $181.
Historically, solvent-based products, mainly alkyd paints, were heavily used in this industry due to their low cost and wide range of application conditions, especially their reasonable dry times in colder temperatures and high humidity.
The products obtained from glycolysis of waste PET were used for the synthesis of saturated and unsaturated polyesters (22-24), polyurethanes (25, 26), alkyd resins (27), coating materials (28), (29), additives (2), and polyurethane based polymeric foams and films (18), (21).