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a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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Leanne sealing his lips with a kiss may stop alkie Barlow The Bigamist (below) being able to have a drink, but he won't just fall off the wagon, but do a backflip and triple somersault into the gutter when given a present of a bottle of Scotch.
She smells, she had black teeth, she's a typical either druggie or alkie because she's dead skinny.
Arsonist and alkie Phil Mitchell proved he's also an accomplished analyst by describing demented Joe Wicks as "the Bolton Fruitcake" in EastEnders.
Meanwhile, alkie Carol - Weatherfield's answer to Charles Kennedy - got her marching orders from fed-up son Jamie over her outrageous suggestion that he fancies Frankie - which he does.
I am not an alkie because alkies get pissed and lie about in gutters.
He argued with his mum, abattle-axe in baffies, and his dad, an alkie who lived in a shed.
Abandoned by her husband, a mother of four turns to the bottle and sparks up an unlikely friendship with a fellow alkie (Costner).
I wasn't a pure alkie but I was getting there," he recalls.
Secondly, Leanne's going out with Danny's son Jamie, who's having a hard time due to the fact that he's just tracked down his real mum, a super-needy alkie who calls him every 17 seconds.
But that was my way of thinking I wasn't an alkie because I had waited until a certain part of the day when the pubs were open.
We've been on this merry-go-round before and the pathetic sight of Britain's most famous and favoured alkie downing drinks in the last chance saloon is like the dull ache of a lingering hangover.
Andrea's Alkies won the Marsh United Ladies' Four-Team Final at Marsh United BC.
I'd be happy if folks would leave us in peace, especially alkies.