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Dissolution therapy through urine alkalization with potassium citrate or sodium bicarbonate has been reported as an effective and well-tolerated approach.
The Company also completed an Alkalization project for a chemical plant in Henan province with an annual capacity of 200,000 ton polyethylene, generating revenue of approximately $275,000 for the six months ended March 31, 2011.
The nBGC can cause alkalization of culture medium due to the leachable products from nBGC, which may lead to an increase in [Ca.
Above 60% sodium, alkalization steadily increases and soil will support little or no plant growth (Chandu et al.
Moreover, the result depends on inoculum size and the most common problem is false resistance when heavy inoculum is used which can lead to alkalization of medium (5).
The effect of alkalization and fibre alignment on the mechanical and thermal properties of kenaf and hemp bast fibre composites: Part 1--Polyester resin matrix.
26-28) It has been argued that the effects of these intermediates can more be damaging for the coating system than the alkalization itself.
The extracted cellulose from PKC was then converted to CMC in two steps, alkalization and etherification of cellulose under heterogeneous conditions.
They found that significant changes occur in phenolic profiles during the alkalization of cocoa and chocolate.
The alkalization treatment removes impurities and increases the fiber surface adhesion characteristic with the resin and contribute to a higher thermal conductivity.