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any of a group of enzymes that act as a catalyst in the hydrolysis of organic phosphates

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Based on the strong results of the Phase II trials with bovine Alkaline Phosphatase in Acute Kidney Injury and a Phase II trial in severe Ulcerative Colitis, AM-Pharma will replace bovine Alkaline Phosphatase with its proprietary recombinant form of human Alkaline Phosphatase.
In this study, there was significant decrease in the mean serum alkaline phosphatase levels compared to the controls in the first and second trimesters.
Relation between Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes and Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
The activity of alkaline phosphatase in tissues sections of healthy cattle was observed on the outer boundary of alveolar secretary cells (Fig.
01) in plasma calcium concentration, plasma alkaline phosphatase activity and bone alkaline phosphatase activity with increasing dose rate of phytase (Table 6).
Assessment of the serum levels of bone alkaline phosphatase with a new immunoradiometric assay in patients with metabolic bone disease.
The indicators of osteogenesis were measured in this study by analyzing the total protein content, alkaline phosphatase activity, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of calcium deposition.
There was no significant difference in the serum alkaline phosphatase levels between vitamin D insufficient and deficient persons.
1) - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides in depth analysis on Alkaline Phosphatase (ALKP or Phosphomonoesterase or Glycerophosphatase or Alkaline Phosphohydrolase or EC 3.
At least four AP isoforms have been described in mammalian cells: placental alkaline phosphatase, intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP), liver/bone/kidney (tissue-unspecific), and placental-like (expressed in the testis and thymus) (Goldstein et al.
Tissue nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (Alk-Phos) is an enzyme highly represented in the bone and in the liver and the measurement of the activity of this enzyme is a time-honored biomarker applied for the diagnosis and the clinical monitoring of bone and liver diseases [1].
It has developed an innovative recombinant form of human Alkaline Phosphatase (recAP), which will be used in future trials and for commercialisation.
4% decline in actinomycetes population, 34% decrease in fungi population, 30% reduction in urease activity, 36% inhibition in dehydrogenase activity and 34% decline in alkaline phosphatase activity with bromoxynil herbicide application at 2250 mL ha-1 during the year 2011-2012.
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