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relating to or containing an alkali

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1980) briefly outline five magma types recovered from the chain, including 1) tholeiitic basalt (Macleod and Pratt 1973), 2) transitional basalt, 3 and 4) two types of alkalic basalt, and 5) trachyte (R.
However, excluding Peng-hu, the only documented sources for alkalic basalts within this province are the Leizhou Penisula/Hainan Island and Nanking Hills regions of mainland China (Yen 1965: 59--60).
The steep pattern with a negative slope is characteristic of alkalic basalts produced by partial melting of garnet bearing material (Ragland, 1989), where the HREE are retained in garnet relative to LREE.
The mineralized system at Copper Mountain is classified as a bulk-tonnage, alkalic porphyry copper deposit that is hosted within Nicola Group volcanic rocks and Lost Horse Intrusions.
2] contents, the syenitic suite has higher Nb/Y than the granitic suite, and the samples plot in the alkalic fields as the intrusive equivalents of volcanic rocks such as trachyte and alkali rhyolite.
As part of the process of confirming the historic Copper Flat resource, approximately 14,000 pulps from the 185 historic drill holes completed within the Copper Flat alkalic copper-gold system are being inventoried and a statistically significant selection is being sent for analysis.
The mineralization at Lone Star is hosted by a multiphase alkalic intrusive complex.
9e), whereas samples from the Landry Brook pluton plot in the alkalic field.
Two suites, or collections of magmas, known as alkalic and subalkalic, can be distinguished on the basis of their alkali content ([Na.
These rocks were coevally (simultaneously) intruded by granitic rocks of alkalic (syenite) and calc-alkalic (quartz monzonite) compositions.
The Rattlesnake Hills gold Project in Wyoming, an alkalic gold system similar to the Cripple Creek gold district in Colorado, was recently joint ventured with Agnico Eagle.
The eastern Massachusetts dolerites are more alkalic than Eastern North American (ENA) dolerites to the west of the CNE province (Ross 1992).
2 The Cream Should Protect Against Acids, Alkalic Resin Paints, Varnish, Hydrocarbons, Solvent,Grease ,Chromates, Lubricating Oils And Phenolic Compounds 3 It Should Be Water Repellant And Non Greasy.
This Property offers potential for copper-gold alkalic porphyry mineralization; much of the property remains poorly explored to date.