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a person who can read but is disinclined to derive information from literary sources

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Efferent reader vs Aesthetic reader: Researchers refer to active readers as having aesthetic to reading whereas reluctant or aliterate readers have efferent response to reading.
Incorporating more non-fiction books (not textbooks) into the curriculum could encourage more recreational reading for aliterate students.
Aliterate individuals or society surely will suffer regrettable consequences that they may never recover from.
Thus, an aliterate person is doing himself a disservice and may never be opportuned to find the needed solutions via reading.
College teaching increasingly uses electronic technology to bridge the growing gap between an aliterate population of undergraduates and an ever-expanding knowledge base.
They are scary," he replied, when asked about the aliterates.
Reflexively most people tend to hear the lexical item illiterate with an [I], rather than aliterate with an [e].
An aliterate person, by contrast, is one who is capable of reading and writing but who has little interest in doing so, whether out of indifference to learning in general or from a preference for seeking information and entertainment by other means.
By confessing to my obsession with dictionaries and establishing my credentials as a "harmless drudge," as opposed to acting like a disciple of Miss Fidditch, I became less of a schoolmarm and more of an entertaining eccentric (a traditional stereotype of English professors that even aliterate students students can tolerate).
I require vocabulary quizzes or etymology exercises on many of the essays and three in particular I want to discuss in terms of how my increasingly aliterate students react to such lexicological instruments.
Hell's Bibliophiles: The Fifth Way of Looking at an Aliterate.
By a parallel process, aliterates have existed among undergraduates for many years and faculty feel their presence is growing (e.
However, in several literate societies there is an increasing number of aliterates, i.
Reading expert and author Jim Trelease was quoted as saying that aliterates complain they don't have time to read.
A democracy of illiterates, or aliterates, is hardly a democracy at all.