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of or providing nourishment

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63) Comissao Provincial de Nutricao de Mocambique, "Inquerito nutritional e alimental a 262 operarios indigenas da Fabrica de Cimentos da Matola e suas familias" (Lourenco Marques, un-paginated typescript, 1960).
In addition, Provimi already has a strong presence in Latin America with three other companies: Nutron in Brazil, Alimental in Argentina, Provimi SA in Colombia.
The consuming men in these texts present a bewildering range of types, some of whose claim to the moniker of gentleman is dubious rather than elusive but all of whom, according to Hyman, represent a "dangerous alimental force" that threatens community and social stability (3).
Due to the fact that this problem is still poorly examined, one can only assume that the alimental activity of the worms had increased due to increasing shortage of food (bacteria) as the concentration of oil in the silt was rising.
Alimental business is at present high on the agenda of the two countries.