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Synonyms for alignment

Synonyms for alignment

the spatial property possessed by an arrangement or position of things in a straight line or in parallel lines

(astronomy) apparent meeting or passing of two or more celestial bodies in the same degree of the zodiac

the act of adjusting or aligning the parts of a device in relation to each other

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Background: A good postoperative alignment in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is the key to achieving satisfactory results.
However, the compliance device generally is such a mating device, which has been proposed to aid the alignment and insertion during the assembly operation.
If the plane is tipped forward (anterior spines are lower than posterior spines when standing), the alignment is described as "anterior pelvic tilt.
Contact pointwise measurements by CMM confirmed a difference between the two alignments for Vi-900 data (table 3).
On 55, 44, and 33 calls, the ends will first show base alignment and their move on their own to the called front.
With NCLB calling attention to district accountability requirements, the role of curriculum alignment is getting more attention.
The California High-Speed Rail Authority is considering two possible alignments between Bakersfield and Sylmar for the rail system - by Interstate 5 through the western Santa Clarita Valley or through the Antelope Valley and eastern Santa Clarita.
The first algorithms, such as the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm introduced in 1971, were designed to allow "global alignment.
Within minutes, the L-700 can measure headstock-to-tailstock alignments, tool-slide parallelism, and way straightness and flatness.
The analyzer has several internal alignment sources that may be switched in by relays to perform 'alignments at the end of every sweep.
PAT ESX Uses Minimal Virtual Disk Space to Perform Alignment Operations; Partition Alignment Easily Continued without Data Loss in Case the Process Be Interrupted
If the corner can read body language, tendencies, and peculiar alignments, he'll be able to exploit the unseasoned receiver.
The brochure illustrates three alignments for the device.
City officials are considering hiring two consulting firms to examine two possible rail alignments between Bakersfield and Sylmar - via Interstate 5 or through the Antelope Valley.
The California High-Speed Rail Authority Board (CHSRA) will meet in Oakland on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at the State Building, Elihu Harris Auditorium (1515 Clay Street) at 1:30 PM to hear a presentation on key potential alignments and station locations between the Bay Area and Central Valley.