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someone from whom the title of property is transferred

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This may present a difficult issue of proof for the lienor, but one which becomes important to excuse alienor who has not timely served a notice to owner in proper form.
Alienor desires nothing more than to stay where she is, tending her garden and making herself useful, but circumstances are forcing her toward marriage with a man she detests.
From Alienor we also learn that two silver candlesticks were kept on the dresser in the lying in chamber of a lady; in the candlesticks 'there must be two large wax candles, to be lighted when someone comes to the chamber', day or night.
Incomparable performances were given by the violinist Marat Bisengaliev and the pianist John Lenehan, the soprano Kristyna Valouskova, the clarinettist Kamil Dolezal, the Cernohorske Quartet from Ostrava, the Musica Gaudeans ensemble, the Czech-French Ensemble Alienor.
The common law cannot enforce as a proprietary interest the rights of a putative alienee whose title is not created either under a law which was enforceable against the putative alienor at the time of the alienation and thereafter until the change of sovereignty or under the common law.
He consistently uses the French form of medieval proper names: Guillaume le Batard, Alienor d'Aquitaine, and the like.
Also sold by variety names such as Alienor, Charmel, and Savor, Charentais is very sweet and aromatic, with firm, juicy flesh.
Eleanor of Aquitaine has yet to find her biographer: Amy Kelly's romantic Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings is stirring stuff, with a tinge of Hollywood epic about it, while Regine Pernoud's Alienor d'Aquitaine (1965) is much more soundly based on documents, but still succumbs to the |dramatic moment'.
Two drama students from the University of Huddersfield, Alienor Hewson and Rebecca Spencer, said they had enjoyed the evening with Alienor having forked out PS100 and Rebecca a rather more modest PS35.
Major organization : LYCE ALIENOR D~AQUITAINE (19860038900011)
THE low biomass winter oilseed rape variety Es Alienor is proving excellent for the North and Scotland.
Nichols includes two plays by Hermenegilde Chiasson in the collection: Cape Enrage (1992) and Alienor (1997).
But Saskia's husband Benoit knew someone who knew someone and when she gave birth to daughter Alienor nine months ago, she did so in Paris's St Vincent de Paul Hospital.
It doesn't help that the most interesting thing about Alienor (Ducey) -- that she's a young female doctor in the Middle Ages -- is jettisoned when she's spurned by Count Bertrand de Roussillon (Melvil Poupaud) and gives up the healing arts to pursue her disgruntled mate.
She managed to insure, however, that the royal lineage pass through her to her son, Henry II, who married Alienor d'Aquitaine.