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someone from whom the title of property is transferred

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William Brown, who farms at West Edington, near Morpeth in Northumberland, has been growing oilseed rape for many years and this year is growing the low biomass rape varieties Es Astrid and the candidate variety Es Alienor.
We have tried the new low biomass variety Es Alienor this year and it has proven to be a much more vigorous variety.
But Alienor is a new conventional oilseed rape variety that can produce the yield with equal plant vigour to hybrids and has even better agronomic characteristics, such as very high light leaf spot resistance.
This may present a difficult issue of proof for the lienor, but one which becomes important to excuse alienor who has not timely served a notice to owner in proper form.
23(1)(c) (24) to refer to the relationship between alienor and a contractor.
Finally, alienor who intends to rely on a "privity" relationship with an owner should be careful to be consistent in that position, both in any attempted notice to owner it serves, or in any claim of lien it records, the latter of which is a sworn statement the falsity of which might lead to a finding that the lien was fraudulent.
From Alienor we also learn that two silver candlesticks were kept on the dresser in the lying in chamber of a lady; in the candlesticks 'there must be two large wax candles, to be lighted when someone comes to the chamber', day or night.
187, who adds: 'Her mother Isabel de Sousa had been Lady in Waiting to Isabella of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy, and Alienor had resided with her mother at the Burgundian court.
This year's authorial concert included Emmert's choral "Pater Noster" and "Magnificat", "Seventh Piano Sonata" and violin "Sontina", while other works by Emmert could be heard at other festival concerts ("Duo for Double Bass and Piano" was performed by the Marcela and Miloslav Jelinek Duo, and the Ensemble Alienor included part of the song cycle "L' atome de Jesus Hostie" in its programme).
76) That is, the alienee replaces the alienor as tenant in fee of the feudal lord.
Also sold by variety names such as Alienor, Charmel, and Savor, Charentais is very sweet and aromatic, with firm, juicy flesh.