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a psychiatrist and specialist in the legal aspects of mental illness

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It depends, just as with a finger-print expert or an alienist, upon whether or not we have specialized in that particular field.
The California Supreme Court quickly dispatched with this claim, observing that of the three alienists appointed by the trial court, two had evaluated him as sane at both the time of the murders and the time of their examination, and the third had been inconclusive.
There were alienists, sociologists, prison wardens, prison doctors, the superintendent of a women's reformatory, a statistician, an Episcopal bishop, and lots of lawyers.
Philippe Huneman's "Animal Economy" shows how the ideas of "animal economy" as reflected in the writings of vitalist physicians like Chambaud and Fouquet helped alienists like Pinel and Esquirol form a more scientific (medical and psychological) conception of mental illness, develop new forms of treatment, and eventually generate the new scientist-therapist role of the "psychiatrist.
Their perspectives include orientalism and occidentalism, Adam Smith's ethnographic sources of economic progress, the German Enlightenment and the Pacific, and the rise of psychiatry from the Encyclopedie to the alienists.
In Germany and France, the formation of alienists included neurological training and this facilitated the use of the term 'neuropsychiatrist'.
The French alienists who invented the term "volitional monomanias" deined these disorders of the will as "irresistible impulses to act" experienced by people who were not otherwise mentally impaired (Valverde 46).
As Mark Micale, an authority in the history of hysteria, has convincingly demonstrated, Charcot was instead a neurologist with an academic chair in the history of nervous diseases, a social and cultural distinction that alienists coveted but rarely held.
The audience which turned up the following afternoon, which included alienists of various sorts, were undismayed by the change of topic and enthusiastic in offering various solutions to my problem.
Multiple personality possibly has a longer history than Hacking allows - his own comments on Lateau indicate that prior to hysteria, multiplicity was associated with religious trance possessions and hallucinatory psychosis diagnosed by alienists (cf.
17) The designation mad-doctors and even the subsequent alienists indicates the contempt--and apprehension--with which psychiatry was long regarded.
In the 1840s, however, southern alienists anticipated the DSM-IV by discovering a malady called Drapetomania -- the inexplicable, mad longing of a slave for freedom.
1982), Aliens and Alienists, Ethnic Minorities and Psychiatry.
For a while, physicians who specialized in mental disorders were called alienists, because of this.
became one of the foremost alienists (psychiatrists) in the country, a pioneer in the treatment of the mentally ill.