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Synonyms for alienated

socially disoriented

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caused to be unloved


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On the occasion of festive season, especially Diwali, it is for the first time in independent India people are completely depressed, and feeling unsecured and alienated.
So Shami Chakrabarti tries to ingratiate herself with alienated and angry Jewish Labour members.
But getting to the top of his game has put him at odds with his grumpy father (Red West) and alienated him from his wife (Kim Dickens) and sons, including Efron - in decent form - who wants to abandon the family business and strike out on his own as a Nascar racer.
Davao City - The threat of radicalization lingers in most parts of Mindanao largely due to the some sectors who continue to feel alienated and neglected.
If teens read the first novel in the series, Alienated (Hyperion, 2012/VOYA February 2014), they will enjoy continuing the relationship between Cara and Aelyx, as well as Earth and Leihr.
Of course their payments are outrageous and obscene, but if you follow Nick Owen's argument through, he must ask himself why viewers were not alienated by Bruce Forsyth, who was originally paid a PS900,000 fee to front Strictly Come Dancing until his salary was chopped to a reported PS400,000 before his retirement.
Summary: Christians in Lebanon and the Middle East are not alienated communities, the Preparatory Committee for the Christians of the Levant Convention said Monday.
The people he is alienating are probably his core voters and also a lot of other people who support what the union is doing will feel alienated as well.
While others may feel less alienated under President Obama, Jasper is an outlier.
The tourist board should encourage the NHS and the hotels to have a helpline number for any tourist who feels alienated by people speaking Welsh in Wales.
People who say they feel alienated or even think that they feel alienated by people speaking Welsh in Wales should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act and have it explained to them how the Welsh has survived the ethnic cleansing of their language and culture by those who have been brainwashed.
I think we probably alienated other people because we found ourselves very funny," she added.
Alienated children can lack compassion and remorse and can also develop an ability not to feel guilt.
When he decides to attend the school for rich white kids twenty-two miles away, he is now alienated from two societies.
Alienated Catholics are Catholics for whom their Catholic faith is very important but who feel that they have been excluded or driven away by the church," says Jesuit Father Mark Horak, contrasting alienated Catholics with those who feel the church offers them nothing of value.