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Synonyms for alexia

inability to perceive written words

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Alexia, then five, came running downstairs to tell her mum and dad, Christina and Ciprian, that Mihail was "stuck".
Mum-of-two Vida, from Poplar, who underwent IVF to have Alexia, added: "She was playing with three girls in the play area.
Alexia Akre, aged eight, her mother and sister, also contributed their vibrant ideas, which included three unique characters and a 'dance only' zone in the town.
package (12 ounces) Alexia Italian Herb Corn with Sundried Tomatoes
Chris, 33, an engineering manager, said that doctors at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant, where Alexia was born, had realised something was wrong as soon as she was born.
Chris and Louise could not travel in the ambulance with Alexia so they rushed home to pack a bag while Louise's mother stayed with their five-yearold daughter Delacey.
Her husband does too, but Alexia and Johnny have reservations: Alexia always remembering her grandmother's description of the sexual violence of the rapist, and Johnny continuing to question the sincerity of the bishop's fervent expressions of Christian ideals.
For more information about TBG Learning's Breeze project, or Foundation Learning programmes, contact Alexia Tsalkitzoglou on 0121 200 2646.
Shell Alexia S4 offers operational simplicity, cost reduction potential and proven performance under tough conditions.
Shell scientists developed Shell Alexia S4 based on their unique 20 year understanding of oil stress- the factors which degrade lubricants and stop them working.
Bright and bubbly, the pint-sized Alexia - who compiles and presents the show today - often with her husband, Argentine DJ Javier - told The Sunday Mail: "We lived in Uruguay for eight years - feeling the music and dancing of Latin America - and we wanted a way to express this here in Cyprus.
That's why you should check out Alexia Saute Sweets.
From left: Alan Kleber, John Marshall, Matthew Cheezem and Alexia Koeppel
HAS LAUNCHED ALEXIA SELECT SIDES, a line of all-natural, easy-to-prepare roasted potato and vegetable side dishes for skillet preparation.