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Synonyms for alexia

inability to perceive written words

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Diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia a rare condition in which the body stops producing enough new blood cells Alexia needed a transplant in an effort to replace the failing bone marrow cells with new ones from a matching donor.
New Delhi [India], Aug 8 ( ANI ): One-stop online marketplace Rubique on Tuesday announced appointment of two directors Suresh Sethi, ex CEO and MD Vodafone M-Pesa and Alexia Yannopoulos Director at Apis Partners LLP.
Alexia, 33, said: "It is the only time when some of them leave the house.
Workshop with singer Alexia Vassiliou for children and teenagers.
Alexia is a teacher and Jenny is a scientist and they decided to share their expertise with activities grounded in scientific research to promote children's happiness.
Alexia Yates traces the emergence of a commercial Parisian housing market, as private property owners, architects, speculative developers, and credit-lending institutions combined to finance, build, and sell apartments and buildings.
IT WAS A DAY LIKE ANY OTHER WITH NO INDICATION OF AN INVISIBLE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY OPENING UP BEFORE HER Alexia Naris would have waved away the suggestion that her choice to step up to the plate would eventually see her become a leader of transformation in her community.
The tragic accident happened as Mihail Nita was playing upstairs with his older sister, Alexia, at his family home in South Bank.
Alexia Casale brings the hallowed halls of Cambridge University to life with her vivid descriptions of the colleges and the surrounding streets, totally immersing the reader into Nick's life.
In separate, short chapters, Peter, Jeffrey, Jessica, Alexia, Danielle, Anna, and Luke tell how their friendships are tested in seventh grade when things go wrong at a campaign party for Alexia and Luke, who both decide to run for president of the student government.
Andrew Adshead and Alexia Akre, both pupils at Hearsall Community Primary School, started off the drawing to fill in some space, before it arrived at Earlsdon library on May Day for the town's first ever Arts Trail.
Within a day their joy had turned to terror, as their daughter Alexia was taken to Bristol for seven-hour open heart surgery, thoughout which her life was in the balance.
Yet within a day, their joy soon had turned to terror as their daughter Alexia was tak-tak en to Bristol for seven-hour open-heart surgery thoughout which her life was in the balance.
Carla, now married with twin children, Alexia and Johnny, eventually learns from her uncle that she was a rape child and that the rapist had become a respected and wealthy bishop.
Alexia Tsalkitzoglou, progressions mentor at TBG Learning, said: "It was great for everyone involved in the Breeze programme to have been recognised at the Innovation Awards.