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granular protein in outermost layer of endosperm of many seeds or cereal grains

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Functional dissections between GAMYB and Dof transcription factors suggest a role for protein-protein associations in the gibberellin-mediated expression of the RAmy1A gene in the rice aleurone.
Polishing removes the aleurone layer and embryo which parts of the rice grain are richer with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber than the endosperm itself.
31) (Arsenic tends to accumulate in the aleurone layer of the rice grain, which gives brown rice its color.
Extensive analysis of the responsive domains of gibberellin early response genes, like GAMyb in rice aleurone, revealed the presence of enhancerlike activities in a large first intron, a motif that is also observed in Arabidopsis AGAMOUS and FLC genes.
A rapid method for quantifying total anthocyanins in blue aleurone and purple pericarp wheats.
Therefore the pigmented rice is some varieties of rice that have a color on the palea, lemma and another inside part such as pericarp tegmen and aleurone layer.
The diminished capacity in production of amylase in the aleurone from seeds apparently is due to a decrease in expression of the [alpha]-amylase genes.
In a landmark article (cited by over 175 other research papers), Ernst Graf and John Eaton state that it mainly occurs as a mixed Ca-Mg-K salt in discrete areas such as the aleurone layer of wheat and rice.
For example, the R gene in maize controls the color of pigment gains in the aleurone (outer layer of endosperm) of the kernel.
It is a powdery fine, fluffy material that consists seeds or kernels, in addition to particles of pericarp, seed coat, aleurone, germ and fine starchy endosperm and rich in B-vitamins and its nutrient density and profiles of amino acids, including 74% of unsaturated fatty acids, are superior to cereal grains [3].
For seeds, we soaked seeds in 5% sodium hydroxide solution for 24 h, then dissected out the aleurone layer from the seed and stained this layer with the same aniline blue plus lactic acid stain used for staining tillers (Clark et al.
Within sections on soluble fibers, resistant starch, conventional fibers, and new development, the studies examine such ingredients as inulin, pectin, oat fiber from oat hulls, sugar beet fiber, psyllium, and the novel wheat ingredient aleurone flour.
Ferulic acid is mainly present within the cell walls of the aleurone layer bound to arabinoxylans and other polysaccharides or proteins.
Effect of wheat pericarp ball-milling on fragmentation and marker extractability of the aleurone layer.
The outermost layer of the endosperm, called the aleurone layer, is bound tightly to the starchy endosperm.