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granular protein in outermost layer of endosperm of many seeds or cereal grains

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Common mechanisms regulating expression of rice aleurone genes that contribute to the primary response for gibberellin.
Reduced aleurone a-amylase production in aged wheat seeds is accompanied by lower levels of high-pl a-amylase transcripts and reduced response to gibberellic acid.
26,27) Research into the effects of aleurone flour (used for making breads that are naturally rich in folate), again by CSIRO, which found that the flour can substantially increase red cell folate and decrease plasma homocysteine, was partly funded by a grant-in-aid from Goodman Fielder Milling and Baking.
2+]-calmodulin modulates ion channel activity in storage protein vacuoles of barley aleurone cells.
Rye contains alkylresorcinols, which also mainly locate in the aleurone fraction of the kernel.
Next are layers of bran, followed by the aleurone layer.
In anatomical terms, cereal bran is considered to be the outer layers of the kernel, which include a number of morphologically distinct layers ending, in going from the outside into the kernel, with the aleurone cells.
About 10 percent of the mutant plants' seeds lack aleurone cells, which help break down starch and protein in the endosperm.
Researchers working on the HealthGrain project came to two main scientific conclusions: On the one hand, their studies proved that it is the aleurone layer surrounding the wheat kernel that contains the grain's highest amount of valuable nutrients--and not, as was previously believed, the wheat germ.
It could be concluded that the wheat shorts and red dog obtained have more fiber in aleurone and pericarp leading to the higher amino acids content (Cromwell et al.
i] is localized to the aleurone layer, which is removed when rice is polished, whereas DMA passes into the grain (Carey et al.
Savory snack crisp clusters, featuring Barliv barley betafiber crisp and GrainWise Wheat Aleurone, deliver a heart healthy, fiber rich snack that qualifies for a structure-function claim regarding heart health.
Recently it has been found that barley aleurone cells can generate an acidic apoplastic environment to help nitrite to NO conversion using ascorbate as reductant (Bethke & Jones, 2001).