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Synonyms for alertness

Synonyms for alertness

the condition of being alert

Synonyms for alertness

the process of paying close and continuous attention

a state of readiness to respond


Related Words

lively attentiveness

References in classic literature ?
A scurry of feet in the sand, and low sniffings, stiffened him to alertness.
The only change in it that they could notice was an accession of alertness.
His alertness had not deserted him, as she noted, and his eyes roved sharply about, returning always with smoldering admiration to hers, but never resting long.
Something of conventional medievalism still clings to Chaucer in externals, as we shall see, but in alertness, independence of thought, and a certain directness of utterance, he speaks for universal humanity.
That my neighbour is intelligent is at once made evident by the bright alertness of her eyes--eyes that nothing escapes, and that only gain in prettiness by being used to some good purpose.
they've got him," cried Gilder, and stepped forward with quite a new alertness.
About his body there was a peculiar springiness, or resiliency, almost catlike, and a quick alertness as of one who lived in perpetual fear of things seen and unseen.
She took my advice and was turning to put it into execution, when her eyes lighted on Oofty-Oofty, immediately before her, his body instinct with alertness and grace as he held the turn of the rope.
She showed that alertness, that swiftness of reflection comes out in men before a battle, in conflict, in the dangerous and decisive moments of life--those moments when a man shows once and for all his value, and that all his past has not been wasted but has been a preparation for these moments.
They were so dark a gray that they seemed brown, and there were a farness and alertness of vision in them as of bright questing through profounds of space.
Yet for all his slow movements there was a new alertness in his eyes and bearing.
It was unusually early for him; his whole person exhaled the charm of almost dewy freshness; he wore his blue cloth overcoat unbuttoned; his boots were shiny; his cheeks, freshly shaven, had a sort of gloss; and even his heavy-lidded eyes, refreshed by a night of peaceful slumber, sent out glances of comparative alertness.
In the weak eyes of Venus, and in every reddish dust-coloured hair in his shock of hair, there was a marked distrust of Wegg and an alertness to fly at him on perceiving the smallest occasion.
His eyes were sharp and piercing, save during those intervals of torpor to which I have alluded; and his thin, hawk-like nose gave his whole expression an air of alertness and decision.
Also known by the trade name "olmifon," the spokesperson said that Adrafinil has been found to increase both exploratory behavior and alertness in animals, as well as boost learning speed and reduce the number of errors while performing a task.