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Todos los invitados aceptaron compartir sus trabajos y conocimientos con los socios ALEPH, justificando su presencia por el caracter novedoso y la pertinencia del tema elegido.
Aleph posee un gran simbolismo para mi, es la primera letra del alfabeto hebreo antiguo, del arameo, ademas de que es titulo de una obra literaria muy importante de Jorge Luis Borges, El Aleph.
En el relato de Borges ese Aleph o mihrab es un lugar, pero no fisico (Vease el interesante ensayo de Lisa Block de Behar, 'Borges, the Aleph, and Other Cardinal Points', Review: Latin American Literature and Arts (May 2005; 70 (38 [1]), 7-16).
El Aleph es el depositario vivo de las imagenes del universo.
Tal condicion la refrendaria como prolepsis del Aleph, objeto que contiene la tierra y el universo entero, con todos sus procesos y modificaciones.
On some level, far below quantum mechanics and possible superstrings, or in dimensions high above those we know, Einstein's Old One may be juggling Cantor's alephs in ways we cannot yet--perhaps never can--comprehend.
The first of many felicitous choices in Nicolas Emilio Alvarez's meticulous, dutiful, and often insightful study was to limit his analysis to Ficciones and El Aleph, the core of Borges's literary production and the works that guaranteed him a place among the immortals.
Thus aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, represents the struggle to obtain a worthy place in the literary competition: 'falso Aleph', therefore, characterizes an undeserved, false winner.
We are excited to add Aleph to the RideCharge family of products and extend their dispatch capabilities throughout our Sedan Magic business," said Thomas DePasquale, CEO & Chairman, RideCharge, Inc.
En su cuento "El Aleph", Borges, como ya se vera en mas detalle, sostiene que el Aleph es un punto en el espacio que contiene todos los otros puntos: cualquier persona que lo contemple con cuidado podra ver simultaneamente todo cuanto existe en el universo desde todos los posibles angulos, sin distorsiones, superposiciones ni confusiones.
Tenders are invited for Software maintenance services for libraries ALEPH 500 version 18.
A third-party hotel management company, Aleph Hospitality, has been founded and officially launched by industry veteran Bani Haddad and headquartered in Dubai.
LAHORE:The second edition of the English literary anthology, The Aleph Review, was launched on Sunday in a large yet intimate gathering on Tufail Road in Cantonment, Lahore.
But no aleph is legible on this bulla, and so that reading cannot be confirmed at all," he says.
The round also had the participation of Innovation Endeavors, Google CEO Eric Schmidts venture capital company and Tel Aviv-based Aleph Venture Capital, both of which took part in the companys $6 million seed round completed in August 2017.