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a tablet (trade name Fosamax) prescribed to prevent or treat osteoporosis in women after menopause

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By various mechanisms of action, alendronate sodium can enhance bone strength, alleviate and prevent osteoporosis, effectively reduce the risk of fracture in centrum, hip bone and other parts.
The researchers received no outside funding, though their findings were derived from an analysis of the placebo group of the FLEX trial, a manufacturer-sponsored study comparing extended alendronate sodium treatment with placebo in a large cohort of women treated 5 years on alendronate (JAMA 2006;296:292738.
25) These consistent data suggest that alendronate treatment, while increasing the bone mass, decreases the tissue heterogeneity.
The phase II trial randomly assigned 419 postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density to one of five doses of subcutaneous AMG 785 (70 mg monthly, 140 mg monthly, 210 mg monthly, 140 mg every 3 months, or 210 mg every 3 months) or placebo, and to one of two open-label active comparators: 70 mg weekly oral alendronate or 20 mcg daily subcutaneous teriparatide.
The aminobisphosphonate alendronate is primarily used for the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and elderly men.
In this case, no X- ray finding was determined, however, although there is no proven casual relationship, insufficiency fractures due to alendronate use are characterized by transverse fracture pattern, unicortical thickening and hypertrophied diaphyseal cortices (2,3).
Virtually all patients received alendronate but seven had subsequent treatment with ibandronate or risedronate, whereas one patient received only pamidronate.
Improvements in bone mineral density in men with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation are greatest in men who continue to receive alendronate therapy," Greenspan's group concludes.
After 18 months, 150 patients had maintained their teriparatide treatment and 144 had completed their alendronate treatment.
placebo injections plus once-daily oral alendronate (10 mg).
Study participants were assigned to 1 of 3 treatment groups: no treatment (controls; n = 4), treatment with the antiresorptive drug alendronate (n = 3), or treatment with resistive exercise (n = 3).
Cipla Medpro's generic alendronate, Osteobon, has made treatment with alendronate accessible to many more patients.
Materials and Methods: Investigators identified a continuously benefit-eligible cohort of women from a large, geographically diverse, national managed care plan who were newly diagnosed and treated for osteoporosis with alendronate, risedronate, or raloxifene.
Researchers compared five years of alendronate (Fosamax[R]) therapy with treatment that involved no drugs at all.