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Aleatory uncertainty is not reducible, because it relates to innate or natural variability in environmental modelling (and it is sometimes referred to as stochastic uncertainty).
Her early works dating from 1940-1960 are written in an American neo-classicism style, and her later works, post-1960, exhibit 12-tone, serial, aleatory, and tonal modifications and microtones.
This is precisely what the example of the dice-throw shows: an aleatory sequence can only be generated on condition that the dice preserve their structure from one throw to the next.
These include: dualism versus Babylonian thought; organic versus atomistic; mathematical and ordinary logic; conventionalism; event regularities; 'situated rationality'; aleatory and epistemic uncertainty; and subjective and objective uncertainty.
The list: fracturing, fragmented, decentering, obliquity, absurdist, asymmetrical, aleatory, simultaneity, instability, reflexivity, elusivity, and so on.
They took us through a wide variety of moods, from almost painfully private (her moaning into her folded arms) to a complete public rage (his fortissimo aleatory tirade bowed conventionally on the four strings), to little blips and bleeps, syncopated coughing, silly solfE ge lessons, a little bit of Bach and an impromptu soulful accompaniment to the imam's call to prayer in the background.
The entry for "aleatory," for example, begins "The term aleatory has its origin in a 1957 article by Pierre Boulez entitled 'Alea,' the Latin word for dice" (p.
Semen of two bull (A and B) was used, which was distributed aleatory in each breed, treatment, and time range.
My contribution to this is to think about the ordinary as that zone in life where work, imaginaries for what a life is, and the aleatory aspects of subjective--individual and collective--being are inhabited.
Contrasting Jeunet's finicky--and, importantly, digital--control of every last detail with the aleatory, realist characteristics of the films of Jean Renoir and Francois Truffaut, Andrew insists that Amelie does not honor the Cahiers axiom, since for Jeunet, "everything can be pictured, each mystery unveiled" (22).
They have some of the moral trenchancy of Williams, also, and they have something more of the abstraction and aleatory ideation of Stevens.
The ceramic and nonclay materials were asymmetrically arranged on a wooden board in an aleatory pattern, the front of the piece remaining hidden during drying.
Banquet receipts are fundamentally aleatory, where each occasion a receipt was used had a different significance.
Abstract: In this paper we make a comparison study between the field of the transversal displacements of a connecting rod (of bar type) part of a mechanism R (RRT), kinematic element that has linear viscoelastic behavior, which is in aleatory vibrations, with the field of the transversal displacements for the same bar, but in rest, considered simply leaning.