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Right on cue, the cows and calves filtered in to the apples an hour before darkness, completely unaware of my dad's camouflaged form perched a mere 18 yards away from them in an alder tree.
The term for the alder tree (Alnus), however, may have originated in the special feature and function of the tree as a colouring plant.
Figures 7 and 8 show the MOE data profiles of the opposite and lean sides for the bottom section of red alder tree 3.
Application ref: R/2011/0559 / TR Date received: 29/07/2011 Address: Land at Mallinson Park, Flatts Lane, Normanby Proposal: Crown lift; crown clean and remove all deadwood eight oak trees; two sycamore trees; one beech tree and one alder tree ( l/tpo 03/2010 and l/tpo 05/2010)
One of those waiting for power Tuesday was John Stevens, whose car was just missed by a big alder tree brought down by the sloppy snow.
There have been cakes on his birthday and Jilf, David and Gussie planted an alder tree for Primo at the Wildflower Centre and there's a special stone for him there too.
Steve then crept 50 yards down and across a small draw, slid behind a big red alder tree, and began to make soft cow mews.
Andy Harman was nicknamed Tarzan by his family and friends after spending three days up an alder tree in a bid to fool a 30lb 11oz common carp
Silviculture management now is aiming at a 20- to 25-year growth cycle, compared with the present 35 to 50 years to get a merchantable alder tree," he says.
I caught my fly - no not in a fish but in an alder tree behind me and when I went looking for it I saw a chaffinch on a nest sitting tight.
slender trunk of a fallen alder tree wedged between rocks whipped
I saw a fish move in a corner pool upriver, hidden under a few blackberry fronds and some bare branches of an alder tree that overlooked the pool.
His father already had climbed the alder tree with him to make sure the water was deep enough, and to impart some timeless advice for using a rope swing: Be sure to let go.