aldehyde group

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the chemical group -CHO

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Polysulfones functionalized with phosphonate and with aldehyde groups were used in obtaining a crosslinked compound.
It is clear that the aldehyde group in the resin should come from isobutyraldehyde.
The Schiff's reaction between the amine and the aldehyde group is a rapid reaction under appropriate conditions and it was of interest to examine how the two different amino groups in primaquine would respond in the formation of the polymer-drug conjugate and its hydrolytic stability, the latter being the key-factor determining the release profile of the drug from the conjugate.
For the determination of monomer concentration and for the calculation of rate constants, the intensities of signals of the aldehyde group at 9.
Gentamycin (GEN) was chosen as a model drug since it contains three amino groups which also can enter into Schiff's reaction with aldehyde groups of oxidized alginate.
Because aldehyde groups are efficiently introduced into the TEMPO-oxidized pulps, the wet tensile strength improvement of the handsheets must be brought about by inter-fiber covalent bond formation.
The presence of aldehyde groups in carbohydrate derivatives leads to the formation of temporary crosslinks with other biopolymers.
1] can be observed, a result attributed to the aldehyde groups of GA and the ketone groups of BP, respectively.
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