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an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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Alcoholism rate among women and men aged 40-44 stood at 139 men and 15 women per 100,000.
While only a freshman Senator, he was the prime mover in establishing the Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970 --Public Law 91-616.
Besides its historical value, today this book can also serve as an excellent example of a publication steering and informing all medical and non-medical professionals, as well as patients on alcoholism as a serious social problem.
Children of alcoholics are about four times more likely to develop alcohol problems, but alcoholism isn't determined by genes alone: Half of all kids of alcoholics do *not* become alcoholics.
The first chapter is about the history of alcohol use, alcoholism, and treatment in the United States.
Strategies for Identifying Genes Associated With Alcoholism Risk
It's just another striking example of the social consequences of alcoholism, that alcoholism impacts not only the alcoholic," slates Waldron, who indicates that this study provides a larger context for families and society.
Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust revealed that 103 kids under the age of 16 have received help for alcoholism in the past three years, including eight pre-teens.
The problems caused by alcoholism are not limited to the individual who suffers from it," said Peter T.
For students and general readers, Gifford, an independent health writer, provides an overview of alcoholism and its effects on the body, the family, the economy, and the community.
PENSIONER Mildred Tinmouth was a carer for her husband Phil who died two years ago from alcoholism.
Martin's guest editorial saying that we should be able to remand alcoholism patients to inpatient rehabilitation facilities ("Expand Commitment for Alcoholism," Guest Editorial, March 2007, p.
It updates complete details on alcoholism among all age groups, describing its effects, incorporating new studies on alcoholism's recovery and treatment options, and including a glossary of terms newcomers to the topic will find invaluable.
Alcoholism continues to be the most pervasive and widespread addiction in the United States.