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soluble in alcohol

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With the introduction of new technologies, water-based, UV ink, and alcohol-soluble ink foresees diversification.
Omni-Smooth, a new alcohol-soluble, wheat-derived protein from MGP Ingredients, Atchison, KS, has excellent skin-tightening and film-forming properties.
Comments: GAX 14-200 is an alcohol-soluble polyurethane resin film former that is tint-free polyurethane for extrusion and adhesion lamination.
Wheat gluten and corn zein are alcohol-soluble proteins that have hydrophobic properties.
MNPs are proprietary oil and water nanoemulsions (under 1 micron in diameter and smaller than a platelet or bacteria particle) that are designed to encapsulate and deliver alcohol-soluble drugs directly into the bloodstream when applied to the skin.
Among his developments were alcohol-soluble polyamide inks and energy-reactive materials for the graphic arts industry.